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Our Favorite Animations Short Picks of 2018

Our Favorite Animation Short Picks of 2018

Our third edition of our Favourite Short Picks continues with our Animated selections. After seeing Drama & Documentaries, we explore the imaginarium of animated short films that have captured our attention over the last year. Pianoid by Janina Putzker Watch Film Humankind by Scott Geersen Watch Film Bats & Jokes[…]

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7 Top Gambling Movies of All Time

One of the secrets of some professional gamblers is watching gambling videos. Gambling movies are entertaining and can help you improve your gambling skills over time. Most of the ones that made this list were set in an era where gamblers had to visit a traditional casino to place bets. […]

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Video Production - Social Media

Video Production – Using Video on Social Media

You can share any old video interface on your social media account. You’re bound to be viable or even become famous online, in the event that you make and streamline recordings depending on what works best on every particular system. One major contrast on social media is that recordings are[…]

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Our Favourite Drama Picks

Our Favorite Drama Short Picks

We love to look back at the films that truly marked us. A little different from our Top 10 Shorts of the year, these simply highlight some of the most memorable shorts from our Daily Short Picks 2018 batche. So take the time and watch each one of these, as[…]

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Terminator: Dark Fate is the last chance for the franchise

There are no excuses left. After Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which is considered one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, things went from bad to worse for the once-beloved franchise. While Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys were decent movies, the problem is[…]

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Our Favourite Picks : Sci-Fi + Fantasy

Our Favorite Sci-Fi + Fantasy Short Picks of 2018

4th edition of our 2018 favorite Daily Short Picks features selections from our Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. A mix of styles and genres that all have awesomeness in common! Star Wars: Dresca (Sci-Fi) by Jessica Champneys Watch Film Rite of Passage (Fantasy) by Benjamin Skipworth Watch Film Obolus (Sci-Fi)[…]

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Favorite Documentary 2018

Our Favorite Documentary Short Picks of 2018

Following our Favorite Drama Daily Short Picks from 2018, we’ve gathered the best of Documentary Short Films from our 2018 list. In our documentary selections we look for intriguing stories, but more particularly on how these stories are told. Still/Life by Josh Hayward Watch Film Shadows of Greatness by Josh[…]

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Our Favorite Comedy Picks of 2018

Our Favorite Comedy Short Picks of 2018

Bring out the laughs. The 5th edition of our favorite short picks highlight the best comical shorts of 2018. Whether they are whacky, non-sensical or absurd, they will certainly all make you laugh! Let’s Do It by Joel Jay Blacker Watch Film Big Boy by Bryan Campbell Watch Film Moose[…]

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5 Guidelines

5 Guidelines to Follow When Making Your Short Film

Author: Mario Petkovski Short films fall in their own category and they have always been popular, especially for directors who are just starting in the movie business. These types of movies are unique due to the length and they prove that you can make an eye-catching movie that only lasts[…]

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