Film Shortage Best of 2012

It’s time for another Weekend Shortlist, and since 2012 is coming to a end, we decided to list our favorite shorts and trailers that were featured on Film Shortage. Today we will start with the top 5 trailers we featured on our Trailers Section, these were selected only on how exciting or well made the trailers are, not on the quality or success of the actual film.

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Here is our countdown for our top 5 short film trailers of 2012!


Still Falls The Rain

by Miguel Santana

Still Falls The Rain makes the top 5 for its stunning visuals. The trailer also builds up tension with a dramatic soundtrack to match the visuals continuously up to the very end. Decor and costumes play an important role in the credibility of the film.

Read more on the trailer and the film on the Still Falls The Rain Trailer page.


The Shooting Star Salesman

by Kico Velarde

The Shooting Start Salesman was posted just a few days ago, but it caught our attention with its touching and imaginative story. Perfectly synchronized and giving us enough key information to know what the film is about, and make us want to know much more!

Read more on the trailer and the film on the The Shooting Star Salesman Trailer page.


Captain Planet

by PlanetFilm

This trailer needs no introduction. Being a teaser trailer to a non-existing movie, it quickly caught the attention of millions of people world-wide. The team did an extraordinary job bringing this cartoon character to life!

Read more on the trailer and the film on the The Captain Planet Trailer page.


43000 FEET

by Matthew Harris

One of the first submitted and featured trailers on, 43000 Feet has everything we need to love a trailer and sell us on a film. A solid, well written narration accompanied by simple but powerful shots.

Read more on the trailer and the film on the 43000 Feet Trailer page.



by Big Lazy Robot

And our favorite short film trailer of 2012 is most certainly Keloid! Or like my brother said, “The best movie I have ever seen, even though I never saw the movie!”. This trailer has everything; suspense, action, robots, extraordinary cinematography, story and even Russians!

Congratulations to Big Lazy Robot (BLR VFX) for creating this outstanding trailer, and hope the get the sufficient funds to turn this into a feature film… or at least a short film to be featured on Film Shortage!

Read more on the trailer and the film on the Keloid Trailer page.