Dig up your old screenplay, or new one.

We are thrilled to introduce Film Shortage’s Radio Shorts! A place where your screenplay can come to life in a high production Radio Short (aka Ear Play, Audio Plays), with real actors, sound effects and soundtracks. The process is simple, submit your script and our team of experienced script writers will read and review your stories. In each competition segment we will hand pick the best scripts and produce them into Radio Shorts.

Bring your screenplay to life

What’s a Radio Short?

Radio Shorts are usually known as Audio Plays or Ear Plays. The idea is simple, actors read out a script with the intended tone, sound effects and soundtracks are then added to create a heightened sample of your story. Here is an Radio Short example created by our team.

But Why Radio?

There are several reasons to put the camera down, at least for a little while. One is that audio streaming formats like podcasts and audio books are increasingly growing in demand and quality. And particularly with many people now settling with working from home – listening to your favourite podcast while working is easier than ever.

But more than that, creating a Radio Short is an incredibly cheap and effective way to get a proof of concept for your story. And with Film Shortage, that cost now becomes even slimmer.

The Process

The process will remain true to Film Shortage’s review methods. Every single submission will be carefully read and reviewed by one or more of our qualified scriptwriting connoisseurs. We will also provide helpful notes and feedback wether the screenplay is selected or not.

What changes a little from our regular short film submissions is that while the entries will be ongoing, we will set up deadline dates for each segment in which we choose the winners.

Top production quality

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce new highly valuable content together with you. To give screenwriters and filmmakers an additional platform to get their work seen and heard. Something you can easily bring into a studio as a proof-of-concept, or even better have a studio call you because your Radio Short has gone viral.

A New Segment

Radio Shorts will become a new segment on Film Shortage. Much like our Featured Shorts and Daily Picks, the Radio Shorts will become a series on continuous content than anyone will be able to see. We are hoping to expand our YouTube Channel and will be releasing the Radio Short wherever podcasts are heard.

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