The Weekend Shortlist

On this 3rd edition of the Weekend Shortlist we decided to go a little colorful. These two submitted shorts might have less color than usual films overall, but they both get creative highlighting a depressive monotone world.

More than words

by Andrea Giacomini

This wonderful short by Andrea Giacomini gives you a glimpse of a brighter future created by a child on the ride from school with her parents. She has obviously created some trouble at school as her parents try to get some words out of her. She decides to express herself creatively instead of speaking. There’s something magical about adding color to a black and white image, although it is something extremely overdone, seeing color being added by a child gives so much more life to it!

The short was presented as part of the six films chosen for the “Show Us The Way” short film competition presented by Levi’s in partnership with the American Film Institute. The contest called on prospective filmmakers to submit actionable story treatments for the chance to produce a five-minute short film about a better tomorrow.


by Kailas Prasannan

RGB is another short that accentuates on the highlighted colors in a black and white world. In this film the main character is color blind and is taking medication to get color vision back. His three pills, labelled Red, Green and Blue can only be taken separately every day, and can only see the corresponding color on that day, which makes for interesting visuals.