Best Picks of The Month

The Best Picks of The Month highlight our Daily Short Picks that resonated the most with us and our audience. These are the best picks for the month of November 2023.

Diverse Stories Unfold: From Misadventures to Heartfelt Journeys, Four Short Films Illuminate the Depths of Human Experience.

The selection of these four short films covers a diverse spectrum of human experiences and emotions. In “Put Your Cart Away” by Kevin Cate, a man’s life takes an unexpected turn due to a shopping cart, leading to humorous chaos and misfortune. “Sonder” by Zachary Zebrowitz tells a tale of unexpected connections and personal reevaluation when Ian, returning to New York City after a decade, forms an unlikely bond with a stranger. In “Don’t Forget to See Your Father” by Nick Trusiak – un Film du Québec -, Perry grapples with emotions of pain and isolation triggered by discovering a box of CDs on his 18th birthday, prompting a profound journey of self-reflection. Lastly, “Parrot” by Kyle B. Thompson explores themes of protection and prejudice as a drag queen becomes a guardian figure for a child amidst a crisis, delving into the depths of human compassion in challenging circumstances. Each film offers a unique perspective, touching on humor, personal growth, introspection, and societal challenges, providing viewers with a compelling range of narratives.

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Featured Shorts of November