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Our Favorite Sci-Fi + Fantasy Short Picks of 2018

4th edition of our 2018 favorite Daily Short Picks features selections from our Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. A mix of styles and genres that all have awesomeness in common!

Star Wars: Dresca (Sci-Fi)

by Jessica Champneys
Star Wars: Dresca // Daily Short Picks

Rite of Passage (Fantasy)

by Benjamin Skipworth
Rite of Passage // Daily Short Picks

Obolus (Sci-Fi)

by Matthew Sterling
Obolus // Daily Short Picks

Pepper and The Salt Sea (Fantasy)

by Don Downie
Pepper and the Salt Sea // Daily Short Picks

Leviticus 24:20 (Sci-Fi)

by Matthew Sterling
Leviticus 24:20 // Daily Short Picks

The Devil Needs a Fix (Fantasy)

by Ian Ebright
The Devil Needs a Fix // Daily Short Picks

Stop/Eject/Rewind (Sci-Fi)

by Elliott de Neve
Stop/Eject/Rewind // Daily Short Picks

A Dream Dressed in Black (Fantasy)

by Dan Sadgrove
A Dream Dressed in Black // Daily Short Picks

Node 2018 (Sci-Fi)

by Scott Geersen
Node 2018 // Daily Short Picks

Picture Wheel (Fantasy)

by David O’Donnell
Picture Wheel // Daily Short Picks

Fight Machine (Sci-Fi)

by Adam & Nick Hayes
Fight Machine // Daily Short Picks

The Betrothed (Fantasy)

by Fay Ann Lee
The Betrothed // Halloween Week

Olfactory (Sci-Fi)

by Christopher Piazza
Olfactory // Daily Short Picks

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