Marketing has diversified of late. As technology expands and innovation grows, more companies choose to utilise new ways of promoting their brand and marketing their materials. Everyone is at it, especially forward thinking and inventive companies. Therefore from UK based mFortune Online Casino to BMW, there is no hiding from the fact that the landscape of marketing has evolved.

Some of the latest trends in marketing focus on using influencers to promote a brand through their social media accounts, to creating unique online courses which tie in with the company’s products and services. Yet, there is one other way which has surged in popularity – and that is short films. These short films serve as entertainment but with an underlying marketing message.

Why Use a Short Film?

There is a simple explanation to why businesses are turning to short films within their marketing efforts. They do so because films travel easily in the modern world. HubSpot states that around 33% of all time spent online is spent looking at videos. When online, it is easy to make these videos get around your market in such a fast time. What one person watches in London and shares on their social media can soon cause another person to watch it in Tokyo. Never before has marketing material been easier to spread so fast – and a video is the best way to engage people on this marketing bullet train.  

Other Benefits of Short Films to Promote Brands

Making films used to be left to directors and scriptwriters. Most of the time they still are and companies will outsource their production to these talented individuals. However, some smaller companies and startups make short films themselves with online tools, making their adoption accessible. Yet, it is not just their accessibility and the speed in which they travel that makes them so popular and effective. They can have other benefits:

1.     Entertainment

A short video can often be found on the most effective websites. Most web visitors don’t have the time to read a whole landing page and want to source key information quickly. A short film is much more engaging, and people are more likely to watch your film that read your text. Ultimately giving you more opportunity to convince the viewer that they need your product or service.

2.     Learning

Documentaries are one type of short film that companies like to produce. This is because they can teach the viewers while soft-selling their service. Relaying a story to the viewer can make them feel a part of the journey and a part of the brand. This option is popular with companies attempting to tackle serious issues such as climate change and global warming.

3.     Emotional Connection

There is a reason that we laugh, cry and even get scared as we binge on Netflix. That is because films incite an emotional connection to characters, and we respond to these emotions. A short film helps a brand do this by getting you to invest emotionally into them through their narrative. Playing on emotions is the driver behind all marketing and a film does this incredibly well.

Marketing through short films is here – and it is here to stay. Why not check out some of the most successful short films by businesses to get a feel for the high standards being set?