Welcome to the Picks of the Month. Well this has been one hell of a month. But we’ve committed here to keep entertainment rolling through these hard times, because God knows we need some laughter and thrills to get through this. With this, we’ve been doubling up our Daily selections to make additional room for films left without their Festivals. So needless to say, March has been one of the busiest months we’ve ever seen here on Film Shortage! All though it adds more workload, we couldn’t be happier to provide additional high-quality entertainment. it would have never been possible without the incredible support from filmmakers. THANK YOU!

So here is our third edition

The Best Picks of The Month highlight our Daily Short Picks that resonated the most with us and our audience.

With so much more features, it wasn’t easy to narrow it down. Artistic and expressionist films like ‘Men‘ brought us to new levels of comfort and contact. Where as documentaries like ‘Campesinos‘ brought us far into the lives of Chilean ‘Gauchos’ with its splendid and isolated photography. And so many others like ‘Money Shot’, ‘American Shepherd’ and ‘The Storyteller’ among others that truly deserve to be seen.

But then there are the ones that simple catch the eye. ‘Pioneers‘, just as its title suggests is a short film that breaks several barriers, and rewriting the typical western stories we are used to – not to mention its female direction duo Charlotte Fassler & Dani Girdwood. Anthony Capristo’s ‘Collide‘ is all about pace and motion,  as well as provocative imagery that will splurge your excitement. Running under 2 minutes, ‘Collide’ is about the imagined and possible love of two strangers. And finally, from the man who loves to bring us high energy films (check out ‘The Katy Universe‘ & ‘Pop Music‘), we get a chaotic one-shot parking lot scene that stars Elisha Yaffe and that is self proclaimed as “1917 but with idiots in a parking lot”: ‘Hot Dog’.