The Extensive Use of Popular Movies in The Online Slots Industry

The gambling industry is likely to continue thriving as more people are getting attracted to betting. While classic reels are considered to be outdated, people are finding more reasons to enjoy betting on their favorite casino games. Also, the slots industry has seen a tremendous improvement in the recent past.

Whether you bet for fun and to pass the time or you are a serious slots bettor, the iGaming industry has something for you. Over the years, you must have realized the few upgrades, changes, and introductions to the betting industry. Once upon a time, people considered simple retro slots as the in-thing until real-life gameplay took over.

Players are now spoilt for choice due to the finest games availed online for us to bet on every day. They also come with enhanced player experience, which makes them irresistible. The betting market is alive and always adapting to change according to players’ preferences. All this is due to the age and demographic in content and the form of entertainment they prefer. Due to this, slot developers have to keep up with the demand and update the slots themes regularly. This helps them remain attractive and relevant to every generation.

How the Use of TV Shows and Movies in Slots Has Grown

When looking for themes to incorporate into online slots, developers realized that people loved watching certain television shows and movies. These films became a household name among people of different ages, which meant that they could bridge the gap between the age difference.
It was therefore easy for them to choose their next slots’ theme- popular movies. These movie-themed slots offer players unique gaming thrills. In some countries around the world, movie themed slot games are considered to be the most popular. In Australia and New Zealand, these games are referred to as the top paying online pokies. What better way to play movie-themed slot titles of your favorite show or movie? That is not all- you also stand a chance to win some money along the way. You get to enjoy watching your favorite movie character help you try your luck winning some money while playing at your favorite online casino.

The introduction of these movie themes slots has seen the gambling industry grow by leaps and bounds. Next time you are playing at your favorite online casino, be sure to check out whether they have a title of one of your favorite television shows or movies. Here are some of the best movie-themed slot games at online casinos.

Game of Thrones

Microgaming developed the Game of Thrones title, and it is famous for its phenomenal gameplay. Also, the title captures popular images from the show, including symbols such as the iron throne, Targaryen and Stark, and the house of Baratheon.
If you love this television show, you’ll agree that the gameplay is fantastic. It also comes with one of the most beautiful storylines in the slots betting industry. The slot title is no different from its television storyline. Players enjoy integrating their favorite characters in a fantastic storyline. This is made even better by the exceptional graphics and high payouts.

Jurassic World

Microgaming also developed the Jurassic World slot game. Its gameplay takes players to a faraway island where dinosaurs still exist and are at the top of the food chain. An experiment went horribly wrong, which will see the heroes running to avoid attacks from the Indominus Rex. Their bankroll also gets boosted 1,000 times their bet amount.
You need to be brave as you watch your spins go round while inhabited by Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptors, and Pterodactyls, among other dinosaurs to create your winning combo. The game comes with 243 ways of winning, which makes it an action-packed movie slot. Remember to keep spinning until you land on at least two scatter symbols as they will turn into wilds. Collecting three Amber scatters will see you win 10 free spins too.

The Bottom Line

It is clear that movie-themed slots are fun to play and are therefore here to stay. As long as great movies continue to be produced, slot developers will always have something to use in their latest titles, and players will enjoy the interactive gaming they have to offer.