As the year comes to an end, we can start taking a look back at what 2017 brought us. Once again we’re happy to bring back our Top 5 trailers that rocked the last year. With over 150 trailers to select from, varying in so many shapes, forms or sizes, this was certainly no easy task. As usual, our judgement comes from the trailers alone, without any influences from the actual films, and scored based on originality, creativity, editing and story, but most important, the overall selling point to the film!

Enjoy our Top 5 short film trailers of 2017, gathered from our Featured Trailers.

5. Fire In Cardboard City

Alright, perhaps this trailer is missing a tad of story inclusion and character introduction, but boy was this ever fun to watch. This trailer wins us through creativity and originality (in its own form), but particularly its selling point.

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4. Facing Mecca

Sometimes content is the key. In Facing Mecca’s trailer, we are introduced to a heart-breaking scenario of a Syrian refugee facing the burial of his Muslim wife. Not afraid to let the story drive the momentum of the trailer, the audience is quickly tied into the emotional struggle and now definitely intrigued by the final outcome.

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3. Seam

An action packed trailer with a familiar storyline in a different environment. Visual effects are up to par and seems like the film will have our hearts racing throughout. We do wish we had a little more balance to the story in the trailer, but still a thrilling watch.

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2. The Beyond

This year’s little cheat comes from a non-short film trailer. But it comes from a director that started and got recognized for his shorts like ‘Project Kronos‘ and ‘Sync‘ (both featured on FS). This trailer is for his next feature-length independent project: a faux-doc science fiction, and it looks astonishing.

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1. Oats Studios “Volume 1”

Our favorite trailer of the year comes from the most anticipated and exciting short film projects of the year, lead by no other than Neill Blomkamp. After creating a new studio, Neill released a collection of high marquee short films to help discover his next feature length endeavour. He first teased his project with ‘Oats Studios Volume 1″ trailer and had us completely blown away. Yes, it is a 3 in 1 montage trailer, but it can also be seen as a full complete project. The 3 shorts are now featured on Film Shortage, check out ‘Rakka‘, ‘Firebase‘ and ‘Zygote‘ if you haven’t yet.

Thank you Neill, for making our year so much more exciting!

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Bonus Must-See Trailer

A few trailers did not make the top 5, but definitely deserve a high mention.