The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the lives of everyone in the world. The film industry has certainly not been spared with the unexpected closures of Film Festivals, cinemas and ongoing productions. The early lockdowns created havoc in the creative department, but slowly the creative filmmaker minds started finding new ways craft. Which prompted us to create this Quarantine Creatives sanctuary to highlight the efforts of filmmakers working under unprecedented conditions.

Filmmakers have the gift of being creatives, and it’s in the hardest of times that their minds work the hardest. Quarantine was just another challenge, just like a limited budget, an unexpected rainy day or a shooting location that’s suddenly not available. A true creative will find solutions and work with what’s given to them. And the hope came from the resurgence of film submissions we’ve received that have been made in isolation. That means cameras are still rolling, and while the big budgets and production equipment may have to be put aside, we focus on creativity.

While the return to normal seems to remain blurry for the foreseeable future, the film industry seems to have finally adapted to the new normal. And with every new film being technically a “pandemic era” film, we have retired the Quarantine Creatives page from new selections. This page now becomes an archive of the incredible work that has come through from these fantastic filmmakers. Browse, watch and share, and perhaps one day we can show future generations what the hurdle was really like through these films.

You can still submit your Quarantine-made films, if selected they will simply be featured on our regular platforms.

Quarantine Selections