The current COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the lives of almost everyone in the world. The film industry has not been spared with the closures of Film Festivals, cinemas and ongoing productions. The next few months, if not years, might be very different and difficult for all of us. But there is hope. Filmmakers have the gift of being creatives, and it’s in the hardest of times that their minds work the hardest. Quarantine is just another challenge, just like a limited budget, an unexpected rainy day or a shooting location that’s suddenly not available. A true creative will find solutions and work with what’s given to them. And the hope comes from the resurgence of film submissions we’ve received that have been made in isolation. That means cameras are still rolling, and while the big budgets and production equipment may have to be put aside, we focus on creativity.

This page will be our Quarantine Creatives sanctuary. Highlighting short films that are made in isolation, celebrating creativity. We will be continuously updating this page for as long as we are socially distant.

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Quarantine Creatives: Made in Isolation

Owen Pallett - A Bloody Morning

by Vincent René-Lortie & Brittney Canda

A Bloody Morning was filmed in Montreal, during the beginning of quarantine measures that were implemented in the city due to covid-19. We invited our friends and family to be filmed from a safe distance, behind the windows of their homes. With a hardcore documentary approach, we filmed for 14 consecutive evenings. Rain or shine, we filmed. Over 10 hours of material were collected from 28 locations in the creation of this piece. Our intention was to showcase the range of emotions experienced by individuals and families who are coping with the arrival of the pandemic in our city.

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Day 48

by James F Coton

Ray sees some strange forms outside. Does she have a mental disease? Synesthesia? Or Aliens?

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Forgetful Bats

by Nick Wilson
(United States)

Filmed by an all-roommate cast and crew at their home during the COVID quarantine, this short brings awareness to a community that is particularly struggling during these strange times: vampires with short-term memory loss. A melancholy comedy that showcases the ups and downs of coping with quarantine through the eyes of a forgetful bat

A City, Paused

by Soren Nielsen & Taylor Antisdel
(United States)

This film is a collaboration between Soren Nielsen, Taylor Antisdel, Composer Rowan Spencer, and Sound Designer Rafal Smolen. It is meant to capture New York in its current quiet state, that has made so many of us miss it’s usual chaotic soundtrack

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Ext. Los Angeles

by Armen Karaoghlanian
(United States)

Los Angeles, 2020. This poetic short documentary highlights the effects of a global pandemic and our collective willingness to overcome new challenges.

If Streets Are My Home

by Mattia Fiumani
(United States)

During the COVID-19 quarantine in spring 2020 many homeless people found themselves in great danger; they are told to stay home and to not go out on the street, but where do they go, if the streets are their home?

On The Line

by Marc-André Girard

During a period of confinement, a man poses as a Canadian public health official to offer a new Covid-19 test kit.

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My Name is Sami

by Daniela Lucato

During the COVID-19 pandemic Sami apparently calls a friend to tell her a tragic episode.


by Andres Di Bono
(United States)

In the near future, the world is in danger, as the unknown virus hits the planet…A young woman Shei has been living and working in isolation for a long time now. Her only friend is an Artificial Intelligence named Jay. One day, Shei realizes that she must make a life-changing decision…

However Long It Takes

by Christopher James Cramer
(United States)

A contribution to the Corona virus time capsule: an expression of anxiety, fear, hope, love and expectation. Exploring the ups and downs of one life passing through the first 38 days of stay-at-home orders.

This short was made by two people in one apartment using a single camera, a dana dolly, and two lights (in addition to natural light) No violation of social distancing occurred since we already live together.

Bite Me

by David Schuler
(United States)

Two neighbors roll the dice on social distancing during quarantine…but one of them has a secret.

Hello There

by Diana Mincheva-Jordanova

She had an appetite for being social, being liked, being followed. He was having friends, playing games, sharing stories. And they were very happy living online.

But suddenly it becomes official – “Stay at home!” Something called coronavirus COVID-19 affected 210 countries around the world. And all the people stayed at home. Their offline life has moved online.

It’s a story about a flight from Sofia to Munich. In the beginning of the year, 2020, this flight was taking about an hour. Now, you have to maybe swim years to reach a shore. Does it mean, don’t fall in love with a stranger?

Follow me.


by Talia Shea Levin
(United States)

A month or more into stay-at-home orders now for most of us and the list of what we cannot or should not do for our own and the greater good goes on. But we can look at ourselves from new angles and see how sunlight bounces off of us at every hour of the day. We can look at the world through window glass and wonder how much longer, or just marvel at it still spinning.

On March 16th I began to gather (virtually or more than 6 feet-distantly) various friends to write a song, choreograph a dance, perform for a slow zooming camera from behind their windows, and shoot 675ft of expired Fuji 16mm film stock, taking advantage of all that we still can do to create what we love, to try to experience together while alone.

This is the result. We peer through the windows of nine people’s homes. Inside their fishbowls they dance alone. But they move together. Their bodies are maps to all they hold in, all they fear, all they ask for. And through their dance they play, and they find joy, and they offer themselves up to the unknown, as we do both in crisis and in life, the constant and most true collective experience.

Messersmith vs. Jackson

by Frank Maldonado

A single take, 3 minute short created during quarantine. Filmed in my home using an iPhone and lights we had in our rooms. A film about isolation and conversation


by Ellen Hathaway & Joseph Delaney
(United Kingdom)

A heart-warming, compelling, relatable tale of a young couple in lockdown. As time passes living on top of each other, they cast technology aside and find each other again. Full of warmth and familiar moments, we invite you to recognise what’s important to you in your own lockdown tales.

‘CO-iNSiDE’ is Ellen Hathaway Dance Company’s first ever original Dance Film created in isolation. EHDC aims to use their imagination and creativity, to help raise money for the NHS whilst encouraging public participation to boost morals and mental health during lockdown.

be good.

by Michael Cameneti
(United States)

With the world on lockdown, we see the current state through a child’s eyes. How he sees, feels and connects in a time of uncertainty.


by Gabriele Rossi

BEFORE shows a glimpse into the increasing paranoia of a young woman locked in her home during the COVID-19 emergency, a raw portrayal of the inner struggles we’re all currently facing.

The ensuing drama encapsulates both the cabin fever and paranoia that can come from living in lockdown.

BEFORE was produced by a crew also in lockdown, and created via remote collaboration.

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Stay At Home: A Little Film

by Ryan Brotherston
(United Kingdom)

Animated short about family life under lockdown. It’s got everything – humour, emotion, satire and even Joe Exotic!

Here With Me

by Aaron Strand
(United States)

A regular day under shelter in place. News blends with social media and a running inner dialogue to form a new reality of social distancing.

Shot and edited in the first three weeks of the COVID-19 quarantine featuring new original music by multi-grammy award winning singer Cecile Mclorin Salvant.

HOVER BELT - Day 25 - Building something to pass the time in quarantine

by Fred Cavender (Tuperhero)

To keep busy, Fred checks his list of “things to do in quarantine” and sets out to invent something revolutionary: a hover belt.

QUARANTINE is a comedy miniseries about a family stuck at home on lockdown.

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Love In The Time of Quarantine

by Gabriel Caste
(United States)

4th of July is ruined for an international couple due to travel restrictions, but when Kennedy goes missing, Ben is left to think on her fate.


by Irene Marco & Markus Meedt
(15 Countries Worldwide)

As global lockdown continues, people form all over the world come together to overcome the solitude and fear, inviting us into their lives.

2020: A Space Odyssey

by The Panics & Amp.Amsterdam

The world’s going stir crazy, luckily The Panics and Amp.Amsterdam have teamed up to help you escape for a few minutes.

2020: A Space Odyssey is the first of a series of edits which seek to remind us that even during this unprecedented time, we can continue to push creative boundaries, that limitation can even fuel creativity.

Curated under varying themes and media, the series of edits will showcase some of our favourite projects created by members of The Panics, always accompanied by an original score and fresh sound design provided by Amp.Amsterdam.


by Edward Vosper, Lina Kuula and Jonathan Brigden
(United Kingdom)

A film about isolation made in isolation.

The idea behind the film originated before the outbreak of pandemic when we embarked on a training exercise to get the team integrating the latest technologies. We were going to do something with dancers and create a love story but Covid-19 made it impossible.

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Quarantine Of The Damned! Part I: Mummy

by Jon M Portman
(United States)

An aimless mummy uses newly discovered powers to save his neighbors during a pandemic.

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Playgrounds 2020 - Main Titles

by Erwin van den IJssel / The Panics

Directing these festival titles under such peculiar circumstances meant director Erwin van den IJssel had to think outside the box. We may all be practising social isolation right now, yet there also seems to be a spirit of collaboration and solidarity, and Van den IJssel wanted to show this in these titles.

After finishing the animation, each frame was sliced into individual parts and printed out, before being packaged and sent to members of The Panics. Directing at a distance worked a charm, and with just three weeks, 962 pages, 3848 edges cut, 22 participants, 8 ink cartridges, and 3 paper cuts and the titles were delivered.


by Jesse Edwards
(United States)

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, 3 fearful families are united by a small act of hope.

We made this film because in addition to the viral pandemic, we are now faced with an epidemic of fear. More people than ever right now are alone, anxious, and consumed in fear. We need storytelling that will remind people that even in the darkest hour, we can and will get through this, together. There is hope. There is love. And even if at a distance, we have each other.

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