We love to look back at the films that truly marked us. A little different from our Top 10 Shorts of the year, these simply highlight some of the most memorable shorts from our Daily Short Picks 2018 batche. So take the time and watch each one of these, as they will surely captivate you with either their twisted storylines, strong character development, or simply by unexpected star presences. Here are our favourite Drama Picks of 2018.


by Foster Wilson
starring Jeanine Mason & Leslie Stevens
Waffles // Daily Short Picks

Today They Took My Son

by Pierre Dawalibi
Today They Took My Son / Drama // Daily Short Picks

Wild Animals

by Naftali Beane Rutter
starring Brian Solomon & Peyton Russ
Wild Animals // Daily Short Picks

Green River – Part Two

by Nicholas Andrews
starring Lauren Orrell & Rosie Keogh
Green River // Daily Short Picks

Tag, You’re It

by Corey Donaldson
starring Daniel Brown, Josh Lacy & Melissa Haydee
Tag, You're It // Daily Short Picks

Here is Now

by Anita Lee
starring Sam Smith & Victoria Haralabidou
Here is Now // Daily Short Picks

A Quiet Morning

by Justin Suttles
A Quiet Morning // Daily Short Picks

Come Back to Me

by Catherine McCord
starring Beckett McDonald, Jack Schonfelder, Josephine McDonald & Kimberly McDonald
Come Back to Me // Daily Short Picks

Forget Me Not

by Florine & Kim Nüesch
starring Ashley Silverman, Brooke Fontana & Emily Swallow
Forget Me Not // Daily Short Picks

Have Had

by Jack Turits
starring Ben Rosenfield & Imogen Poots
Have Had // Daily Short Pick

The Minimalist

by Carlos Funes
starring Annie Dow, Juan Cardenas, Marty Lawson & Natalie Pavelek
The Minimalist // Daily Short Picks