The Weekend Shortlist
Hello weekend!

Starting this weekend with a little delay, but we still have three fantastic shorts that will make you grunt, ponder and question the painful realities of your next job interview!

Enjoy the weekend 🙂


by Adam Brown

A short film about a young that experiences a surreal and eye-opening [pun intended] hallucination during a mundane job interview. The director of photography on Sinkhole, Kyle Kelley, was also the DP on our featured shorts on Film Shortage by Nicholas Payne Santos, Ice Cream and Kiddo. Nicholas is also producing Adam Brown’s next film, Monsters Are Real, a short about a man who returns home to take care of his father’s body during the zombie apocalypse.

Monsters Are Real Teaser Trailer


by Cam McHarg

A Monsters Collective film by Cameron McHarg. The Monsters Collective is a group of over a dozen international directors who decided to each make a short film with the only rules being that it must not exceed five minutes, and it must somehow include the word, idea, or theme “Monster”. Thus, “chester”.

Cam is an excellent filmmaker who thrives on the dark humor, you’ve seen his marvelous short The End right here on Film Shortage.

London Bridge

by Mark & Jay Taylor

Another excellent short film created by Mark & Jay Taylor with minimal budget, equipment and time. Mark and Jay’s first short Homecoming was featured a few weeks ago on our Weekend Shortlist. London Bridge uses the same filmmaking principles as their lather film, using only 1 camera, 1 lens, no rigs, lights, equipment or crew. No budget and just 5 hours to shoot.