The 5 Best Movies To Inspire Your Job Search

Are you feeling a little sad or nervous about your current job search? Don’t worry! Check out these awesome movies and receive a healthy dose of inspiration. After watching these films, you will be sending your CV to every job posting and crushing your interviews!

1. Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Is there a better job search movie than Pursuit of Happyness? We don’t think so! In this legendary movie, Will Smith plays a down-and-out Chris Gardner who is sick and tired of selling overpriced garbage medical equipment. Gardner is struggling to make ends meet and is drowning in debt, while at the same time is trying to raise his son. Finally, Gardner realizes that the best way out of his terrible predicament is to land a job as a stockbroker. The only problem is that he is not licensed and has no financial experience.
Gardner has to come up with creative ways to get his foot in the door and get a spot in a stockbroker’s training program. However, once he gets admission to the program, his problems only intensify, and he has to figure out how to win a full-time role while still paying the bills and keeping his family together. We bet your job search and the current situation is nowhere near as bad as Gardner’s. So if he managed to overcome the odds and win his dream job, why can’t you? After watching this movie, you won’t take no for an answer and will immediately start cold calling and emailing different companies about available roles.

2. Lulu the Movie (2016)

Lulu the Movie is a 2016 Singaporean comedy-drama directed by Michelle Chong. In this movie, a young girl from Shanghai, Lulu, played by Michelle Chong, heads to Singapore to meet her date, Brad Pitt, who she met on an online dating site. Unfortunately, when she arrives, she realizes she has been catfished, and she is actually in love with Brad Pitt’s brother Leon. Lulu is embarrassed, and instead of bringing shame to her family, she decides to stay in Singapore and work different jobs. She works every job you can imagine surviving.

Lulu’s luck changes when she goes on a date with Leon, and they get into an argument that is recorded and posted on the internet. She is discovered by TV executives, who give Lulu her very own show. Before long, she is a major celebrity in Singapore. If you are wondering how you will be successful, this is a great movie to watch. Sometimes all you need is a little luck, and then before you know it, you will be working your dream job! Make sure you get out there in the job market and create your own luck – you should be sending emails every day, calling companies, and messaging recruiters on LinkedIn. Give yourself the chance to be lucky, and you will find an amazing role!

3. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

This legendary Scorcese-directed film features Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort, a young stockbroker who cheats the system and makes millions. Belfort starts the film as a young, poor, recently married man trying to land a job on Wall St. He quickly loses his job when a huge market crash wipes out his employer. Belfort then takes a job selling penny stocks in the suburbs of New Jersey. After quickly becoming a top performer, he starts his own office, which quickly becomes a massive success. However, his business practices and drug use spirals out of control, and his fortune comes crashing down.

The Wolf of Wall Street serves as an inspiration to get out there and seize what you want. However, it also stresses the importance of not letting success consume you. This movie is a great watch if you are envious of people who have had success early in life and have taken shortcuts, as often these people come crashing down. If you need some extra fire to get out there and hustle or need a confidence boost, channel your inner Jordan Belfort and start dialing the phone!

4. Rocky (1976)

Are you looking for tips on how to be more productive? We are convinced that you will double your productivity if you watch Rocky every morning! This classic film features Sylvester Stallone playing journeyman boxer Rocky Balboa. Balboa supports himself as a debt collector for the local mafia and performs odd jobs around the neighborhood. He dreams of becoming a champion boxer one day, but no one believes in his skills. Balboa is considered too stiff and slow to ever be a contender.
This all changes when the world champion, Apollo Creed, sees one of his fights and agrees to give him a chance in an exhibition match. Balboa then becomes incredibly focused and puts himself through an incredible training camp. If you are looking for motivation to complete any task, including finding a job, just watch Balboa training camp montages, and you will be ready to conquer the world.

Balboa goes on to have the match of his life and pushes Apollo Creed to the very edge. He manages to shock the world and prove everyone wrong. In the next movie, Rocky Balboa rematches Apollo Creed and wins the world title. If you are constantly dealing with job rejection or people telling you to give up on your dream career, we recommend throwing on Rocky. After watching this film, you will be ready to prove the world wrong and get your dream job no matter what!

5. Yes Man (2008)

Jim Carrey is at his absolute best in the 2008 comedy. Carrey plays Carl, a bank loan officer who spends his whole day rejecting people’s ideas. This negative attitude carries over into his personal life, where he is stuck in a rut and spends most of his time watching TV in his dumpy apartment. That is until Carl attends a motivational seminar that his old colleague recommended. During the seminar, Carl meets a guru by the name of Terrence. Carl promises Terrence that he will say yes to everything in his life.
Once Carl makes this agreement, his life takes a wild turn. He starts reconnecting with old friends, scores a promotion, learns Korean, becomes a guitar expert, and much more. Carl is finally making the most out of his life and experiencing everything life has to offer. Do you feel like being too shy or introverted is holding you back from experiencing the joy of life and progressing in your career? Then it is time to watch Yes Man! After watching this film, you will be emboldened to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, including cold calling that company you also wanted to work for and asking for a job interview!


Looking for a new job is tough, especially with how competitive the job market is. However, you can’t give up and need to keep applying and going to interviews until you land your dream role. If you lack motivation in the job search department, watch one of our recommended movies, and you will be instantly inspired!