Books and films about gambling have always been wildly popular, as they have a fascinating and interesting plot, from which it is impossible to tear oneself away.

The global online gambling market is actively developing, so the popularity of casino movies is not surprising. We have compiled a list of 5 gambling movies that you should definitely watch.

Casino Royale

Released in 2006, Casino Royale is still gathering new fans and is wildly popular. The plot tells about the banker Le Chiffre, who urgently needs to win back his money to ensure his own safety. James Bond is assigned to take part in this to prevent Chiffre from winning. So, the biggest hand in poker happens.

The film absorbs the storyline, exciting twists and the highest level of acting. The risky atmosphere from the first seconds does not allow you to pause the viewing.

Casino royale since has become a driver for many people to start gambling because the poker tournament is depicted remarkably in the movie. If you want to play various poker games you can visit and start gambling in the online casino.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The film was not immediately successful and collected much less money than was spent on its production, but later gained wild popularity and was recognized as a cult film.

The film tells about the trip of Thompson, whose role is brilliantly played by Johnny Depp. Together with his lawyer, he travels to Las Vegas with a large amount of money for a sporting event.


The comedy, which was released in 2009, immediately won the hearts of many viewers. The film is a well-deserved winner of the Golden Globe Award.

The plot tells about the adventures of four friends – Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug. They are going to celebrate Doug’s bachelor party and go to Vegas to do it. After a stormy time spent, friends realize that the groom is gone in the morning. A frank surprise for them is the discovery of a tiger in the bathroom.


The film Casino, filmed in the genre of drama in 1995, is the owner of many awards.
The plot is based on the dual image of Las Vegas. The director draws attention to the existence of two vital elements in this city: lush alluring wealth and vile tough showdowns.

The main character Rothstein, who is a casino employee, has a relationship with the mafia but leads a positive lifestyle Everything changes with the arrival of his old friend, who has grand plans for Las Vegas.

The film fully reflects the gangster life, showing dishonesty, lust for power and endless wealth.

Ocean’s Eleven

The crime adventure picture, released in 2001, made a breakthrough and received real recognition. The cast makes the film much more popular. It stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and many others.

The film illustrates the planning of the biggest robbery in history by Ocean, who gathers people to carry out his plan. The robbery will take place in several large casinos in Las Vegas, which have one owner.

The thriller keeps the viewer intrigued from the first seconds, forcing them to experience sharp turns and plot twists.