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Film Shortage is a site dedicated to the art of short films, an increasingly popular avenue for young and older filmmakers to create convincing work at minimal costs to push their careers or next big project even further. With a loyal audience and readership backed by a strong filmmaker participation, Film Shortage is a perfect recipe for targeted advertisement. The site is run by a small team of enthusiasts with backgrounds in film, media and graphic design who put a great deal of care and time into research, interviews, writing and promoting.

To help us maintain the quality of the site and articles we publish each day, we encourage companies to connect with us for feature sponsorship and advertisement opportunities.

Our Viewers

The Film Shortage viewers are on-trend film enthusiasts and possibly filmmakers themselves. Followed by industry leaders, creative professionals and motivated connaisseurs like designers, artists, writers and others. The short film community is tightly driven with members that are highly engaged to each other’s work. Film Shortage has become a place for filmmakers to find inspiration and guidance for their future projects.

What We Offer

Native Ads

Native Articles

Create an article that ties in to our audience, the best way to connect is through content. The articles will appear in our Blog section under Guest Posts and will blend in with our regular posts. Perfect for film festivals and schools, or anything that ties in closely with filmmaking.

Ad Spots

Ad Spots

Place your ads next to our hottest content! Choose between our homepage banner or our in-page spots to have your message appear on all our posts. Your advertisment will look great with our new design! Contact us for more information and pricing.



Reach out to the filmmakers directly. Wether it’s directly in our Weekly Newsletter or a unique campaign, you can get your festival news directly in the hands of thousands of filmmakers. Send us a message to find out more.

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