With all the COVID stuff going around, individuals have had to look for various coping mechanisms to handle all the boredom and lack of activity that comes with it. All over the world, attention has shifted to engaging in various activities that could help pass away the time. Among these activities is watching movies, playing video games, participating in online classes, to name a few. This article seeks to review the best movies to watch during this quarantine period for movie enthusiasts. Do enjoy the read, even as you learn and gain one or two insights.


This movie is a very intriguing and horrific one because of some gory scenes that the producers incorporate into it. At some point, viewers would be left petrified when an enormous shark bites off an innocent lady’s two legs. This is because the beach owner does not do the right thing, which is to shut down the beaches. Jaws reflect the real relationship between the government and its people. Hence, viewers are advised to take cues from the movie and thus stay indoors and stay safe for now.


This particular movie has just about seen a significant increase in views since the pandemic started all over the world. Almost like a warning, this movie mirrors the current happenings in regards to Covid-19. It creates a sense of fear in people who watch the movie as it shows that there could be damning consequences if the virus is not handled correctly. This is a watch that I would recommend for any serious movie enthusiast. This movie has been flying around on social media for some time, and I have to admit that it is definitely worth all the hype and noise that have been following it.

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash


Also, a movie set outdoors shows that this movie is sure to send shivers down the spine of whoever is ready to get entertained. It mirrors a happening in which nature fights human, and the latter has to look for an alternative method to combat it. To win the battle, the actors later learn that they have to stay indoors to tackle the poison effectively. Better still, you could check here if you would like to place some bets to evade boredom. Thus, people are advised to learn to stay indoors when there is no cure given a pandemic or virus.


This movie shows how easy it is for an outdoor activity to go wrong. The script reflects how a group sets out to shoot a movie in the wild. Things go from bad to worse, almost in a matter of seconds. Individuals start disappearing one by one, and terror begins to spread in the camp. They start wishing they had never decided to set out to hike and hence recognize the assistance that staying indoors holds. This serves as a piece of subtle advice to those who want to step out despite the strong warnings flying around that individuals should learn to stay at home. Indeed, one or two lessons can be learned from this thriller.