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Vétérane // Featured Short

CAMELIA, an escort with a troubled past, is newly employed at an erotic massage parlour in eastern Montreal. Met coldly by her competitive new colleagues, she struggles to establish a clientele while maintaining her dignity A tense social drama about the competitive nature of Montreal’s erotic massage parlours. Vétérane (Veteran)[…]

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Guest of Honor // Featured Short

A devout Nazi oversees a group of taste testers for Hitler Creating any type of film with any historical connotation is a gutsy move, creating one about Nazis is downright courageous. ‘Guest of Honor’ is a high-strung tension breezer from director Justin Robinson about a devout Nazi overseeing a group[…]

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Koreatown // Featured Short

At a discreet host bar in Los Angeles, Kyeong uses his talent and charm to create the illusion of love for the women who hire him. When a new client pays him for a “2nd round,” Kyeong discovers too late that behind her kindly demeanor lies a disturbing request The[…]

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Marguerite // Films de chez nous

An aging woman and her nurse develop a friendship that inspires her to unearth unacknowledged longing and thus help her make peace with her past With an Academy Award nomination in 2019, the French-Canadian film directed by Marianne Farley turned heads all year with the tender and desiring storyline of[…]

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TIM (The Invisible Me) // Featured Short

An insecure student with a crippling crush must find the courage to be seen Featuring SYML‘s haunting cover of “Mr. Sandman”, TIM brings us to an high school setting following an insecure student who tries to find the courage to be seen. ‘The Invisible Me’ may sound like a superhero[…]

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Tomorrow // Featured Short

W.H.O. is turning off all kind of medicine to reduce earth population and save human kind and planet Intensity, chills and a wide open view of what our potential Tomorrow can be. Created by Kuba Michalczuk and steaming inspiration from the 30 day Musicbed Challenge, we were quite surprised to[…]

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The Lemon Tree // Featured Short

John’s going to Say Yes to everything today… no matter what John, broken-hearted and down on his luck, sets out for the day on a mission to SAY YES to whatever life offers him. After accepting a bag of lemons, one thing leads to another, and John parades around naked[…]

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In Full Bloom // Featured Short

The story of Cecile, an older Vietnamese-American hoarder, whose life is upended when worms open a black hole in her house and threaten to take all her belongings Grief can create an enormous hole in someone’s life, a seemingly insurmountable growing mass that sucks in everything within its path. Written[…]

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Platypus // Featured Short

Armed with an electric mixer, a Mysterious Woman gives Naked Man the battering of his life, but the sexy interrogation brings up feelings that are hard to swallow Can she have her cake and eat it too? Or will love turn her batter bitter? The rather kinky film is written[…]

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Deux Dollars // Featured Short

After a week of leave, Sylvie is back at the Quebec company where she has been an exemplary employee for more than 15 years. She is then requested to attend a bizarre meeting With a simple and isolated storyline taking us through Sylvie’s first day back from a work leave,[…]

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