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Coin Lunch // Featured Short

Coin Lunch

2018 / / / 18m

Jeff is a salaryman trying to fit into the hierarchy of the Japanese workplace. But when his wife cuts his daily budget, Jeff’s life begins a downward spiral, leaving him to choose what he needs more: his job or his family Sacrifices can sometimes take a toll on someone. Coin[…]

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Lifeline // Featured Short

During a job trial at a high-tech call centre, Jess’ competitor suddenly collapses. Her only means to save him is a state of the art computer system When it comes to modern science fiction short films, Black Mirror became a fantastic source of inspiration. With singled out concentrated stories, the[…]

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Acid Fantasy // Featured Short

A self-destructive young man’s reckless ambitions of search for a lost love leads him deep into a rabbit hole 30 minutes may be a lot to ask for in terms of short films, but starting off with the right intriguing scene and engaging camera work – and the pace is[…]

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A Simple Plan // Featured Short

An emotionally charged story of children trapped and forced to work in a textiles factory . All hope looks lost until a child worker hatches a plan A Simple Plan tells an emotionally charged story of children trapped and forced to work in a textiles factory. In the film, all[…]

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Strobe // Featured Short

A troubled, teenage girl goes to extreme lengths on Twitter to make contact with a famous DJ In a world of raging social media obsessions, ‘Strobe’ delves into a teenage girl’s devotion to getting her favourite DJ’s attention. Wonderfully championed through it’s photography and sound design, the suspense levels are[…]

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Jimbo // Featured Short

After their latest heist, Jimbo decides to take charge of his destiny and break free from his anarchist father’s prison. It is time to hear Jimbo’s inner rebel yell Jimbo, sixteen, quiet, and shy, has spent his life cowering in the shadow of his controlling, anarchist, father El Tigron, and[…]

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FOMI fear of missing in // Featured Short

Exploring the lost connection with the inner self and the lack of solitude caused by all the modern world’s social pressures and overuse of social media ‘Fear of Missing In’ reverses the popular slang FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and puts the focus on a journey that goes inwards, towards[…]

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In Color // Featured Short

A woman on the run goes to a 24 hour barbershop to get a midnight makeover and befriends a 16 year old barber’s apprentice Everything good has to come to an end. ‘In Color’ is the last of six films created by filmmaking trio Andrés Cardona, Hunt Beaty and Wesley[…]

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Twosret // Featured Short

When Tenacity awakens from darkness Her persistence was the story. Her tenacity, perseverance and a fearless heart, that of faith and conviction, were the chapters. The courageous queen of Thebes reigned as a sole ruler, and was the final pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty. She rose up bringing back the[…]

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The Guy: The Brian Donahue Story // Featured Short

Stuntman. Actor. UPS employee. Former WWF wrestler, Disney World performer, and NFL nose tackle. Brian Donahue has seemingly done it all The Guy is a short documentary film chronicling Mr. Donahue’s surreal story as he tries to strike a balance between paying the rent and seeking out the elusive Hollywood[…]

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