Nowadays, the criminal justice system in the US is raising a lot of controversies. Law students face a challenge in changing it. If you are a law student, keep reading this article. It will help you get some inspiration on what shows are worth watching to understand this topic better.

Why Students Choose Law Careers

The legal profession is a trillion-dollar industry, and it isn’t surprising that many students have an affinity towards law and choose it as their future profession. While getting into law school is a challenge in itself, working hard to finish the academic course is one of the hardest things students will endure. There are several things to know about law school before enrolling into one, for instance, choosing the field of expertise based on your interest and the course length.

There’s a growing number of law job opportunities worldwide. That’s why according to career research papers on, a law career is one of the most interesting and promising options to choose from if you’re a modern student. Reading such essays about other students’ experiences will help you see your future and your place in the justice system more clearly, while watching criminal justice shows will illustrate how America’s justice system works.

The Importance of Watching Criminal Justice Shows

American justice TV show is a good way to help students dig deeper into this controversial topic. But why should law students watch justice films?

These shows can help them become aware of an existing problem. It is important for anyone, but especially law students, to dig deep into this topic. Movies are a good way to learn, as it doesn’t feel like research and doesn’t tire off as much as essay reading. From American Justice (the movie) to many TV shows, there’s a lot of things to see on this topic. They are accessible to watch on platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Criminal Justice Movies List

13th (2016)

It’s one of the best prison documentaries Netflix has to offer. From Selma, director Ava DuVernay is a masterpiece that covers the most controversial topics regarding prisons in the US. From mass incarceration, war on drugs, police brutality to private prisons. It is a documentary that covers the BLM movement, in the rise after the last few years. No political side is good from the director’s view, as she has portrayed an amazing critic on the whole system, including both parties, democrats, and republicans. It focuses on the racism of the country, with the author wondering if “African Americans have ever been truly free.” It has been awarded numerous times. Both in the BAFTAS and the MTV TV & Movie award for best documentary and in many more.

Clemency (2019)

The synopsis of the movie goes: Bernadine Williams is a justice official working in prison who has been with the prisoners on death row. When a romantic relationship sparks between her and one of the prisoners, she starts to rethink her life and purpose. This is a down-to-earth, loving, and charismatic movie. It will certainly bring most people to tears—a great portrait of an internal battle that will help law students meditate about the justice system.

The Accused (1988)

It covers the heart-shattering rape case of a woman. This contains sensitive scenes of sexual violence, so it is not fit for every public. Still, the movie focuses on bringing to light how the court treats rape cases, re-traumatizes the victim, and strengthens the rapist. The Accused is available on Amazon Prime and Google Play. Sadly, it is inspired by a real-life case. This will certainly help any law student that is interested in women’s safety and protection.

Philadelphia (1993)

This movie provides a deeper look into the lawyers’ actions. It shows how, sometimes, lawyers have to take on cases they are uncomfortable with. Something that most law students might face in their careers at one point. It is about how an HIV-positive lawyer is fired because of his sickness. And the only lawyer who will take his case is a homophobe. This spectacular movie has an Oscar for best actor. It delivers a clear sight into the controversy of the AIDS epidemic and the stigmatization of homosexual people.

Capturing the Friedmans (2003)

This documentary shows how a polemic case could overshadow facts in the eyes of a judge. The Friedmans were a normal family until police arrested the father along with his son for molesting children. It focuses on the legitimacy of the verdict. They were pleaded guilty and sent to prison, but many do not believe they were guilty in the first place.

In conclusion

Law students face many expectations from the world. They are the next generation that will operate the US Justice system. Some might be lawyers, and others will keep studying to become judges. Either way, they are the future of America. If anyone can change anything, it is them. For this, they must know on what side they stand for—the right side of history.