Alright, the holidays are just around the corner, your boyfriend / girlfriend / son / daughter / friend / secret santa / or whomever is a filmmaker, or aspiring to become one, and you have to get them a gift.. but you have no idea what you can possibly get? Don’t worry, we got your back! We know filmmakers, and whether your are looking to spend a few bucks or splurge on something bigger – we got a few ideas for you.

For Beginners / On the Go

The Advanced

The Professionals

Small Things That Count

For Beginners / On The Go

If you are looking for something for someone who has just started taking an interest in film, your better off starting small. Luckily, these days everyone has a good-enough camera in their pockets. Sure, it may not give the most spectacular shots, but some pretty impressive films can be shot if using the mobile phones in the right manner. With a small set of basic tools, you can magically increase the quality of the movie you can create on a smartphone. This becomes a perfect learning tool for someone early in their career, but it can also be adopted by more experienced filmmakers looking for a particular challenge or for getting smooth shot when they area on-the-go or in restrictive places.

37MM Professional Cell Phone polarizing lens


1.33x Anamorphic ProLens for iPhone


Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer


Smartphone Camera Video Microphone Kit

$65.99 $56.99

Compact On-Camera Microphone


Light Reflectors


The Advanced

Folks with a little more experience are going to start looking at the details of products. Quality becomes more and more important as they are thinking about their next projects. This time they are thinking about film festivals and online virality. A stable image is essential with stabilizers and tripods, and they want to start capturing some crisp audio. But most important of all, they need a precious camera that can bring their vision to life.

Portable Recorder


5TB Portable External Hard Drive HDD

$129.99 $104.99

Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR Cameras


Heavy Duty Fluid Head Tripod


Camera Slider


Compact Directional On-Camera Microphone


Sony Alpha a6400


Canon EOS Rebel T7i


GoPro Hero 10

$499.99 $449.00

The Professional

Now we are taking out the big guns. Filmmaking is now a profession and budgets are a little bigger. Here are just a few gadgets and tools that can bring a film’s quality up another level.

Drone Quadcopter with Camera


Professional Stabilization System


Motor Camera Slider With Remote


DSLR Shoulder Rig


Pro Portable Wireless Microphone System


Compact Directional On-Camera Microphone


Panasonic LUMIX GH5 4K


Canon XC15 4K


Sony PXW-FS7M2 XDCAM Super 35

$8,999.99 $

Small Things That Matter

Director's Film Clapboard


DSLR Backpack


Funny Director T-Shirt


Director Cap


Camera Lens Coffee Mug


Top 100 Movie Scratch Off Poster