The Weekend Shortlist

The weekend is back, and for the one’s that went back at work this week, it probably felt like the longest 3 days ever! Let’s start this first new year weekend with a touch of love. Both shorts show how two individuals, both struggling and very lonely in completely different ways, will deal with new love entering their lives.

Moving Takahashi

by Josh Soskin

Here is a film which won several awards, including being picked in Vimeo’s Top 12 of 2012 probably from its unusual romantic story which was formidably scripted, but also by the outstanding performances by the two main actors. A sneaky twister that shows us how bad-asses can have hearts too.

Unlocking Charlie

by Stephen Crilly

Charlie, an agoraphobic, living a closed-in life in his apartment, is put through a true test when his loving neighbor knocks at the door. Suspenseful and thrilling romance, this short will give you some paranoiac chills before getting love butterflies in the belly. Interesting original film that is well worth watching!