Bring out the laughs. The 5th edition of our favorite short picks highlight the best comical shorts of 2018. Whether they are whacky, non-sensical or absurd, they will certainly all make you laugh!

Let’s Do It

by Joel Jay Blacker
Let's Do It // Daily Short Picks

Big Boy

by Bryan Campbell
Big Boy // Daily Short Picks

Moose Limbs

by Philip Hardy
Moose Limbs // Daily Short Picks

Hashtag Perfect Life

by Michael Paulucci
Hashtag Perfect Life // Daily Short Picks

Left Alone

by Nick Roney
Left Alone // Daily Short Picks

The Meeting

by Simon K Matthews
The Meeting // Daily Short Picks

잃어버린 개 / Lost Dogs

by Cullan Bruce
Lost Dogs // Daily Short Picks

Small Change

by Jamie Gyngell
Small Change // Daily Short Pick


by Jason Giampietro
Unpresidented // Daily Short Picks

Agua Donkeys

by MP Cunningham
Agua Donkeys // Daily Short Picks


by Jesko Pingel
Resistance // Daily Short Picks

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