Our Favorite Comedy Short Picks of 2018

Bring out the laughs. The 5th edition of our favorite short picks highlight the best comical shorts of 2018. Whether they are whacky, non-sensical or absurd, they will certainly all make you laugh!

Let’s Do It

by Joel Jay Blacker
Let's Do It // Daily Short Picks

Big Boy

by Bryan Campbell
Big Boy // Daily Short Picks

Moose Limbs

by Philip Hardy
Moose Limbs // Daily Short Picks

Hashtag Perfect Life

by Michael Paulucci
Hashtag Perfect Life // Daily Short Picks

Left Alone

by Nick Roney
Left Alone // Daily Short Picks

The Meeting

by Simon K Matthews
The Meeting // Daily Short Picks

잃어버린 개 / Lost Dogs

by Cullan Bruce
Lost Dogs // Daily Short Picks

Small Change

by Jamie Gyngell
Small Change // Daily Short Pick


by Jason Giampietro
Unpresidented // Daily Short Picks

Agua Donkeys

by MP Cunningham
Agua Donkeys // Daily Short Picks


by Jesko Pingel
Resistance // Daily Short Picks

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