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Happy Canada Day!

In honor of Canada’s 150th, we listed some of our favourite short films made by some proud Canadians!

Never Happened

by Mark Slutsky

Never Happened || Featured Short Film

12 Semaines

by Marc-André Girard

12 Semaines / 12 Weeks || Featured Short Film

The Wall

by Andrew De Zen

The Wall || Featured Short Film

Ceramic Tango

by Patricia Chica

Ceramic Tango || Featured Short Film

I Thought I Told You To Shut Up

by Charlie Tyrell

I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!!| Featured Short Film

Wake Up

by Michael Mando

Wake Up | Films de chez nous


by Richard Boylan

Timelike | Featured Short Film

Les adieux de la grise

by Hervé Demers

Les adieux de la Grise | Featured Short Film | Films de chez nous


by Kevan Funk

Destroyer | Featured Short Film

Next Floor

by Denis Villeneuve

Next Floor | Films de chez nous | Featured Short Film


by Patrick Doyon

Dimanche - Film de chez nous


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