Film Shortage on Instagram

Great news everyone, Film Shortage is now on Instagram!

Instagram has opened its doors to filmmakers a few months ago after their biggest update yet allowing to post videos to your stream. Very similar to Vine, the biggest difference between the two, besides the already established massive user-base by Instagram, was the video length with a max of 6 seconds for Vine and 15 for Instagram. Which is better? Their both still pretty awesome, and a 6 second clip can sometimes be even better than 15, just that now we have a choice!

But Instagram opened even more doors a few days ago with their more recent update, allowing video uploading from your library, and for some, this is where the big difference lies.

What does this mean?

We will be editing and featuring mini-trailers of our featured shorts, giving our viewers a little chance to see what the films are about before watching the films. We will also be seeking Insta-Short Films from users all over the world, and will be featuring them on our Instragram account and soon on our website as well.

Here’s a little preview of an excerpt from our featured short La Migala by Jaime Dezcallar.

The door is open for you as well, show us what you can do also and tag us @FilmShortage to your clip, we will comment and share with everyone! Blow our minds away!

@FilmShortage on Instagram
@FilmShortage on Vine