A couple of months ago we wrote an article about Giulio Vita’s intentions to bring the cinema back to the people of the little Italian town of Amantea. Now the months have past and we are just a day away of Giulio and his Guarimberos big day!

Just what have they done?

When we first spoke to Giulio in January, his ambitions were clear: He wanted to call upon his friends all over the world to give a second life to a closed down theater in his home town, l’Arena Sicoli. After realizing that most theaters in southern Italy have been closing down, including his grandparents hometown 900 seat theater, l’Arena Sicoli, Giulio decided to bring the cinema to the people and the people to the cinema, and bring happiness back to the Amanteane just as the theater first opened its doors right after WWII.

So Giulio’s mission became to restore an old rusted 900 seat theater that has been shut down for years, to reopen in August for an International Film Festival. Throughout the last few months we’ve been following the Guarimberos over in Amantea in their attempt to restore this historical theater, this is just some of the work they have done.

La Guarimba Arena Sicoli Overview

Guarimberos Cutting Grass

Cleaning up the rust


Build Your Dreams From Your Heart

All the paint

One thing is for sure, Giulio took it upon himself to bring hope back to the people of Amantea and Calabria in such hard economic times in Europe. The next few days in Amantea will be magical, filled with hundred of extraordinary films from all over the world, played in the outdoors. Something not to be missed!

We hope that people have fun and understand the importance of being together even for watching a movie. We are very happy with all the people who helped us and all the work we have been made, we are very full in spirit with love.

-Giulio Vita

Get the full picture of the immense accomplishment by Giulio Vita and his Guarimberos by following them through their social media, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

Best of luck to Giulio, his team and Amantea! You have all done an incredible job thus far, you have brought back the cinema to the people…