Activities have changed a lot since the pandemic hit the globe. With new strict regulations on social distancing, Polish people shifted to working and playing from home. Those who used to visit the land-based casinos changed gears and enrolled in online gambling platforms.

Some people craved a unique atmosphere of watching movies about casinos. Some had to rewatch their most favorite film about casinos, such as poker movies.

Gamers watch gambling movies to get an idea of how celebrities play and win. Our expert Jacek Michalski takes us through the eleven movies with realistic casino scenes.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is an iconic movie cast in a casino. There is a specific scene that captures the realm of a casino. James Bond appears to play a poker game against Le Chiffre, a brilliant, evil genius character. Both characters create an intense scene that keeps viewers glued to the screens. The setting is one of the best this movie offers.

Rain Man

The movie features Tom Cruise and his brother Dustin Hoffman who try to rebuild their relationship after the death of their father. The most thrilling part begins when Tom Cruise decides to play Blackjack to settle his debts. His brother Hoffman, who is good in numbers, helps him win the game.


It is an indie movie that a few viewers outside the country have heard about for years. The drama involves a gambling addict and a former national rugby player who joins the gambling world.

Color of money

The movie tells a story about a wise old gambler named Felson. Fast Eddie plays against a young pool hustler to determine if he got the balls to be a top player. The scene teaches gamblers how to win by staying calm and calculating.

Many people may want to try the same trick in casinos. However, social distancing is still an issue in Poland. Does it mean that all is lost? No, you can have the same fun when you try the Polish online casino sites that offer a variety of games.

The Hangover

The hilarious movie features a group of friends who decide to spend a night out in Las Vegas at a bachelor’s party. During the night out, one of the friends steals casino poker chips belonging to a gangster. The gangster is $80,000 in debt. However, they all request one of the friends who happens to be good at counting cards to help them win the money needed.

Ocean Eleven

The heist movie has a storyline that revolves around a casino. The film casts various casino scenes. The best location comes when Danny Ocean meets Rusty, his associate in crime, and asks him to join the heist he has planned over a poker game.


It is one of the favorite movies among gamblers and picking the best iconic poker scene is brutal. However, most gamblers love the scene when Michael McDermott, a law student, plays against Teddy in a Texas Hold’em game.

The Gambler

The movie features James Caan, an English Professor who has a gambling addiction. The Professor uses most of his earnings to gamble and borrows more money from lenders if he needs money to bet. James steps into an underground poker game where older men are busy playing cards as if they were sitting at home.

Good Fellas

The film talks about the life of Henry Hill and his allies’ criminal careers. The memorable casino scene is when Tommy DeSimone approaches the craps table with lots of money to place bets. Tommy is one of the main characters, and he brings an atmosphere of excitement to the audience.

Casino 1995

The movie storyline depicts Sam Ace’s rise to power as a casino operator. Sam Ace is a gambling expert who Chicago Outfit employs to run casino and hotel activities at Tangiers Casino. The incredible casino scene that captures many arises when two players bet $200000 on one roll of dice in a high–stakes game.

High Roller

The movie was released a few months before Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 Series of Poker main event. The film features an intelligent young man who is addicted to drugs. He gets money through his phenomenal poker-playing skills.

There are many trends affecting the Polish gambling scene and the creation of video games from movies is just an example. Most of the gambling movies follow a similar storyline. They have a place in the minds of people who love gambling. The list of casino movies with realistic casino scenes is not limited. However, there is a depiction of a casino Hollywood experience listed above.