Film Shortage just turned 5! We’ve seen so much fly by in the past few years, and each new short has contributed to grow our community to what it has become today, and what it will be tomorrow! Thank you for your grandiose unconditional support.

For the occasion we’ve been working hard at making a few updates to our site. Most of the action is happening under the hood where the entire submission process has been updated and optimized, but we’ve also added a couple of little features to that may please some fans and filmmakers:

Bigger Daily Picks

Bigger Dailys

Our Daily Short Picks are a big part of Film Shortage, and we just made them even bigger! Giving a bigger presence and highlight to the daily pick on the homepage, as well as tripling up on the number of picks shown = more visibility.

New Star Rating

Star Reviews

We’re introducing a new rating system. A simple 5 star rating that we break down through the more important aspects of filmmaking. The ratings are culminated from our staff, and remains subjective to Film Shortage. Users can also add their own rating.

Starring Danny DeVito

Listed Actors

Actors will now be listed along with the directors and production, so you can easily find other films starring the same actors. This is the start of a much bigger idea, where actors will garnish a bigger place on the site in the near future.

Improved Checkout

We’ve made the submissions and checkouts with PayPal just a little simpler, with an easier confirmation flow.

The biggest improvements on the site are under the hood, we will still be working to fix out the little glitches, so if you notice anything not working properly please let us know. Thank once again, Film Shortage wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic continuous support!