The Weekend Shortlist

A later than usual Weekend Shortlist, but just as dramatic as always! Watch these 3 mind twisting shorts to get your weekend mind games worth!


by Gabriel Adelman

Revolve follows the threads of fear, sacrifice, and guilt which weave together three generations of a broken family. The story draws parallels to the legend of Faust and the Binding of Isaac in the Old Testament.

Lights Out

by Wesley Versteeg

Drama is conflict. Not many people know that. Conflict derives from what is at stake, the risk the character takes to secure what they want, and the force which works against the character achieving their goal.


by Jonas Hollerup

A troubled man revisits a forgotten part of his past.

The film was based around the idea of telling a story with only 1 actor and no dialogue. The importance of ambiguity became the main focus in this process. How do you tell a story without really telling a story?