Best Picks of The Month

The Best Picks of The Month highlight our Daily Short Picks that resonated the most with us and our audience. These are the best picks for the month of October 2023.

Of course, October is the month of horror, so it’s no surprise that some terrifying film made the Best Pick cuts. In “Tagged” by Almog Avidan Antonir, a night out takes a terrifying turn as a young woman becomes the prey of an unknown AirTag, leading to a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. “Grateful in Solitude,” an experimental documentary by Furkan Cetin, provides an intimate look at a young man’s journey to self-discovery through the philosophy of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, transforming his life and perspective. In “Ġenn – The Sister Of” by Kyrylo Volovych, a young woman discovers a mysterious castle where time stands still, leading her on an enigmatic journey through different dimensions. Finally, in “Open Door” by Kevin Cate, two coworkers’ lives are thrown into chaos as they experience a harrowing elevator drop, setting the stage for a suspenseful sci-fi tale. These films offer a diverse mix of suspense, introspection, and mystery, providing viewers with a captivating array of storytelling.

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Featured Shorts of October