Film Shortage’s Top 10 Short Films of 2012 (5-1)

Film Shortage's Top 10 of 2012

Let’s continue our Top 10 Short Films of 2012, here are numbers 5 to 1!

Number 5 Short

A Standard Story

by Beth Riesgraf

We love magical fantasies, and this short brings us right into our dreams. Created by Leverage star Beth Riesgraf, this was her first attempt at directing her short film. A Standard Story is one of five short films created as a collaboration between WeSC and The Standard Hotels.

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Number 4 Short

The Killing Joke

by Sebastian Lopez

Certainly one of my all-time favorite shorts, The Killing Joke has the perfect blend of everything to create a wonderful atmosphere around a short story, between aesthetics, CGI, acting and music, it leaves your imagination wondering until the very end!

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Number 3 Short


by Joey Ciccoline

How do you get in the top 3? Make us think we are watching something else! 88:88 caught us by surprise with its intense build-up of not knowing what is happening and why the character is doing what she is doing, I’ll let you watch the film to find out what it is. Other than that the film is extremely well crafted in every way, from acting to editing, with an embellishing soundtrack.

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Number 2 Short

Grand Theft Auto: Rise

by Gevorg Karensky

Hello action! Car chases, gun shots, fantastic cinematography… We all loved the game, and Gevorg brought it to the small screen. All brought together by a talented team of CGI artists who put countless hours of editing, to give the film a video game feeling in a real world. Exceptionally entertaining!

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Number 1 Short

The Secret Number

by Colin Levy

Finally, the best short film of 2012 on! Congratulations to Colin Levy and the entire team of The Secret Number for bringing us this absolutely fantastic short!

Every aspect of the short film makes it a well-deserved top movie of 2012. So much work and effort was put into this film and it shows graciously in the end result, from acting, to editing, decor, lighting, visual effects and most importantly – well scripted!

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Our choosing process was a hard one, with so many outstanding short films to chose from. We would like to congratulate not only our top 10 selection, but everyone who has been featured on in our amazing first 6 months, for their amazing and unique films! Thank you for sending us your films, and hope to see many more of them in the coming year!

Another thank you to our amazing viewers, followers and fans! We will reward you in 2013 with non-stop mind-blowing short films once again!

Happy New Year!

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