Goodbye, old friend! Film Shortage has undergone it’s first major facelift, and we hope you like it! We loved our old site, and as lively and colorful as it was, we felt there was room to improve the throughout experience.

Our goal was to give Film Shortage it’s modern home it deserves by accentuating fashionable colors and create a more content driven experience while keeping all the jolliness of the original site!

What Did We Change?

1. New Design

The most obvious change is design. Compared to our original pastel colors, we have brightened them and added even more color to give the site even more life. We also modernized by removing most textures throughout the site, but keeping it where we felt it gave Film Shortage its significant skin.

2. Accent On The Featured film

The featured film of the week is now even bigger! We brought the featured image to a full browser width, for a more obvious statement that this is our choice for the week, and you must watch it!
Accent on Featured Film

3. Weekend Shortlist is gone, here come the Daily Short Picks.

It's The Weekend All The Time!
Our Weekend Shortlist had a fun run, featuring many awesome little films. But the time has come where the weekend was not enough for all the awesome shorts we felt needed to be seen. So we created the Daily Short Picks, where must-see shorts will be posted frequently and regularly. It’s basically the weekend all the time!

4. More visibility to Trailers, Daily Short Picks and blogs!

The Daily Picks and Trailers come in quickly, we have redesigned the home page to give better visibility and more ‘air time’ to the selected videos.
More Content!

Better Mobile Accessibility

5. All Mobile!

Film Shortage is now optimized for mobile devices! Our App-like site will make it easy to navigate and see all the latest shorts without having to pinch and zoom to find what you need to find!

6. Archives

We have made everything accessible through archives. Easily find all the films made by the same director or sort the films by genre or country!

7. Instagram

We’ve been having a lot of fun with our new Instagram account, and we decided to bring our joys to our site. See our latest #InstaTrailers in our feed or follow us on Instagram to see the coolest short short trailers out there.

All To Better Your Experience

In our redesign we were thinking about you and how to make your experience and even better one, we would be pleased to hear your thoughts and let us know any suggestions you would have. Of course, with such a drastic change in design and coding come many bugs, so please let us know if something is not working well.