So it’s the end of the decade, another year has gone by and it’s time for us to culminate the best films of 2019! It’s never an easy task to look back and choose only a handful of shorts. With the hard work of our curation team along with reactions from the public, we were able to select the films that resonated the most and captured our imagination.

Here are Film Shortage’s Top 10 Shorts of the year, these are films featured on FS in 2019 – not necessarily released in 2019. Enjoy!

10. Made Public

Comedy by Foster Wilson
(United States)

Foster Wilson is definitely one of the shining directors of 2019. Delivering two banger shorts with ‘Made Public’ and ‘Platypus‘, not to mention ‘Waffles‘ from 2018 which also starred the vigorous Jeanine Mason. Foster is capable of shifting empowering conversations through a dynamic dramatic tone, all while keeping the edge on the comedic puns. A real refreshing perspective from an up and rising director.

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9. The Wrong Rock

Animation / Fantasy by Michael Cawood
(United Kingdom / United States)

The Wrong Rock is a beautiful culmination of collaborative work. Lead by Michael Cawood, the film was created by a team nearing 100 from all corners of the world. This is a fantastic tale of the pure of heart overcoming bigotry.

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8. [UNUM]

Experimental by David Gesslbauer • Michael Lange

[ UNUM ] (lat.”one”) discovers the singularity of life. It is rare that we encourage a film to be watched on a mobile phone, but [ UNUM ] certainly has the proportions to be fully enjoyable in the palm of your hand. But don’t be fooled, this little piece is as cinematic as it can be, shot completely on a Sony F55 camera mounted sideways. [ UNUM ] is inventive and dynamic, a wild experience that will take you on an unpredicted journey.

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7. The Absence of Eddy Table

Animation / Romance by Rune Spaans

Enter the strange and bizarre world of Dave Cooper. ‘The Absence of Eddy Table’ is a romantic animated tale by Rune Spaans based on Dave Cooper’s twisted comics. The film captures our immediate attention through its beautiful color palette and lustrous attention to detail. Afterwards you get lost in the surreal but will also get you saying “What the F**k?” in what could easily be the most unintentionally terrifying thing you have seen all year.

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6. Tomorrow

Drama / Science Fiction by Kuba Michalczuk

Kuba Michalczuk’s ‘Tomorrow’ feels like a glorified trailer or a frenetic introduction to something much bigger. Intensity, chills and a wide open view of what our potential Tomorrow can be. It’s the film’s sinister energy that drives it into our Top 10.

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5. Strobe

Drama / Suspense by Taylor Cohen
(United States)

In a world of raging social media obsessions, ‘Strobe’ delves into a teenage girl’s devotion to getting her favourite DJ’s attention. Wonderfully championed through it’s photography and sound design, the suspense levels are raised by the subtle moments in the storyline. Directed by Taylor Cohen, we are kept on the edge of our seat the entire time by constantly fearing the outcome of the upcoming scene. And remember the unwritten rule; Don’t f**k with cats!

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4. Marguerite

Drama by Marianne Farley

‘Marguerite’ is the much acclaimed Oscar Nominated film from the French-Canadian director Marianne Farley. ‘Marguerite’ turned heads all year with the tender and desiring storyline of an aging woman who comes to terms with her sexuality after connecting with a younger nurse. This short film is bound to warm your heart. Don’t miss our exclusive interview we had with Marianne just ahead of last year’s Oscars.


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3. Father Figurine

Comedy by Matt Kazman
(United States)

We thought it would be appropriate to have a comedic short lightly based on the Trumps to land on the Top 10 this year. ‘Father Figurine’ develops from a terribly creepy story to a rather sweet and unexpected family reconnection. The humor is cold and morbid, but will have you chuckling the entire way through.

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2. Autocannibalism

Suspense by Cédric Blaisbois

Portrait films were certainly not invented in 2019, but they were definitely redefined. After ‘[ UNUM ]’, ‘Autocannibalism’ breaks in at number 2 in our Top 10 with a thrilling and innovating storytelling method created from our modern era social media consumptions. Shot with a phone, viewed from a phone, the protagonists live and die by their phones, in a place where human life is valued less than of a phone. One night of partying in the most violent city in the world: Caracas, Venezuela.

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Best Short 2019

1. Fauve

Drama by Jeremy Comte

‘Fauve’ is the film that left the most marking impression during our revision process. In fact, the impression lasted from when we first watched the film. It’s not a surprise that Jeremy Comte’s film ended up with an Oscar Nomination. The film is set in a surface mine somewhere in Québec, where two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.

Congratulations to Jeremy Comte and his team. This film will for always be imprinted as a Number 1 on Film Shortage!

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Honorary Mentions

Picking only 10 films from the hundreds of featured shorts is quite a difficult task. Here are a couple of films that deserve an honorary mention and that just grazed the Top 10.

A Look at The Past