You might remember Julian in ‘Death by Chocolate‘ by Dimitri Gochgarian, featured on Film Shortage back in 2015. Part of a new series called Modern Artists by Dimitri, episode 2 focuses on actor Julian Casey who tells us about the art of acting.

Modern Artists – Episode 2: Julian Casey – Actor

MODERN ARTIST is a docu series that stars contemporary artists. They benefit from a certain recognition and live by their passion. The first season has been shot in Montreal, Canada where a street artist, an actor, gaming and music producers have accepted to talk about themselves.

With Modern Artist, I wanted to tell what does it mean to be an artist today. Thanks to internet and new forms of entertainment, boundaries have been pushed. Take Julian Casey for example. Being an actor involves shooting movies or performing in theaters but also doing voice acting, motion capture and working for games too. I wanted to dig that change. We also consume music, visuals, games and movies everyday and I like the idea of showing where it comes from. For a filmmaker, they are great stories to tell that might hopefully reach and inspire people.

Most work on this season has been done by myself with the help of some friends and I hope I’ll be able to create more seasons with more help and budget.

Here’s the trailer for the entire series, and we highly encourage you to check out the rest of the episodes.


Modern Artists