Francis Ford Coppola is a multi-talented and well known American film producer, director, composer and screenwriter. He has a lot of contribution towards the New Hollywood wave of film production and won several awards including the Oscar and Academy Awards.

Sure, there are fans of the Francis Ford Coppola’s project but how much know about his previous works of art? Let’s explore the most renowned works of the artist so that you can check them out in your free time!

1. The Godfather (Part 1, 2 and 3)

The Godfather is one of the most watched movie series the world over and continues to be the feature on the must watch movies over the weekends for many. Simply put, it’s action driven, it’s intriguing and offers so many unexpected turns you would just lose track.

Coppola revolutionized the genre of gangster filmmaking with his groundbreaking work Godfather and its sequel. The movies became hugely popular and earned appreciation from the public and critics alike.
The movie presents an in-depth look into the Italian American culture of the Corleone crime family which is quite intricate.

Coppola created a new style in crime movies based on the novel by Mario Puzo who also helped him out with the script.

2. The Conversation

The movie is still important today in the face of extensive governmental surveillance and intrusion into the life of its citizens. Gene Hackman plays the role of Harry who ends up devastating his apartment in a bid to prevent the leak of information.

The thriller shows how the government can turn into an intrusive force- Coppola saw where America was going to be in the future way back in 1973 when the movie was produced.

3. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The film based on Bram stoker novel went on to become a major hit and created a new genre of vampire movies. The movie is visually enticing with retro camera effects and spectacular costumes with a solemn background music which contributes to the suspense of the movie.

Coppola presented a romantic take on the Dracula story with lots of gory scenes and blood with an awesome performance by Keanu Reeves.

4. The Rain People

This movie is a gem of Coppola though most of the times it is overlooked. The movie went on to attract many acclaims and also became commercially successful starring Shirley Knight.

The movie follows the story of a pregnant housewife (Shirley Knight) who takes to the road without any destination. It presents the gender roles that women have to take up and remain confined by the shackles of society. The wanderlust gripping the society during the 1960s also influences the characters and the story. It is one film that will make you self-introspect.

5. Peggy Sue Got Married

Coppola showed his brilliance in directing a time travel movie about getting back to the past and making the present right! The movie was a star studded on with Nicolas Cage, Jim Carrey and Kathleen Turner and proved to be a comeback for Coppola in the comedy-drama genre.

You would love the movie where an estranged mother travels back to her high school days for some fun and action!

Which one is your favorite?