Global poverty is still prevalent today, with over one billion children living in poverty while over 22,000 die as a result of poverty, according to UNICEF. 

As global poverty persists, many people still don’t know the extent of this phenomenon and its effect on families across the world. Educating the world on the prevalence of poverty is an important role of the film industry and here are top films that continue to shine the light on global poverty.

Girl rising

This is one of the highly-rated documentaries that focus on empowering the girl child through education. The film was recorded in nine countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. The sheer scope is highlighting issues surrounding girls’ education across the world and enhancing the purpose of the organization Girl Rising that focuses on educating and empowering girls.

The film shows five girls from a different background who try to overcome societal barriers, among them education and their resilience to beat the odds, overcoming obstacles, and get an education. The cast enlightens the world on how girls everywhere are changing the narrative despite the limits of global poverty and cultural hurdles.

Many girls are changing the global poverty story by getting college and university education. As seen in Girl Rising, education can change lives even with the most difficult of circumstances. 

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The first-grader

This is based on a true story of an 84-year-old Kenyan farmer in East Africa who joins the elementary school in 2003 after the new government announced free primary education in the country. The film illustrates the reality of rural and urban Kenya with a strong depiction of the effects of adverse poverty with no education and also facing years of incrassation in the hands of the colonial government.

The film raised awareness on poverty realities as well as lack of education in modern society. The film is acclaimed as a true testament to the triumphant force of education across Africa. 

Slumdog Millionaire

This is a story of 18-year-old Jamal Malik and his brother from a slum trying to survive the harsh streets of Mumbai after they are orphaned. Slumdog millionaire displays some hard reality of poverty in India, like children being recruited in the streets to beg for food and children being forced to work on jobs to survive while underage.

The film won major awards in 2008 for bringing to light problems many people face in India due to poverty at the time. Out of 10 Academy Awards, Slumdog millionaire bagged eight of them, including best director, best picture, and best-adopted screenplay, among other major awards. 


The 2010 documentary tells the story of Claudine and his family in Sao Paulo, Brazil, living in a household of 27 children and whose main source of income depends on the recycling system. To get a paltry stipend from the local recycling plant, they have to toil all day long collecting discarded plastic, leftover wood, and unwanted cardboard in the city.

View the documentary on Amazon Prime and learn about the prevalence of poverty in Brazil and the effects it’s having on many families. It was highly acclaimed for the message it passed and received one award in the Los Angelis Movie awards.

The end of poverty?

Philip Diaz’s 2008 documentary offers an infamous and unique depiction of the historical perspective of global poverty. You will learn how poverty has grown over the years as early as the 16th century to the modern times.
Through interviews with economists, historians, and impoverished families globally, you will learn how poverty thrives in the present world despite the progress and wealth that is available in the world today.   


Art and film is the voice that voices out the real issues affecting the world including global poverty. Many films have documented the life of the most vulnerable across the world and try to educate the rest of the world. While over a billion people have risen from poverty in the last 30 years, the global poverty index continues to surge in the opposite direction. 

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