Poker is an ancient game that requires strategy and skills to win. Unlike slots where the winnings are random, poker winnings are determined by the players’ skills and strategy used. So which poker strategy can one use to increase the chances of winning? We hooked up with our expert Conrad Brennan (check profile), and he gave us the different poker strategies you can apply today.

Play Fewer Hands

If you continuously lose or experience shallow profits, it might be that you aren’t tightening up. Tightening up involves playing fewer hands and often waiting for the perfect flop. This ensures you’ll be staking your money in the pot with the highest probability of winning. Winning in poker involves having a strategy. You must save money to win more money

Get More Aggressive

The next strategy of winning poker is betting and raising more often. Since playing fewer hands makes you have stronger hands, betting and raising with these hands increases your chances of winning. This is because when all your opponents fold, you get money from the pot, and you stake more money when you are in a better position to win. So you need to bet more than you check and raise more than you call.

Semi-Bluff Often

Bluffing is an essential part of playing free video poker at Canadian online casinos. However, it is difficult to know when to bluff and how many opponents to bluff. Optimal bluffing should be against 1 or 2 opponents. This calls for you to understand the strategy of semi-bluffing, where you bet using a hand that is not ahead but has a high probability of winning in a later round.

Playing within Your Bankroll

Poker, just like any other gambling activity, should be budgeted for. It is important to set aside money to play poker. Money that you can be comfortable losing. The size of the bankroll is based on your personal goals, mainly professional or recreational.

If you are playing poker for fun, you do not care about making or losing. It is expected you’d set aside a smaller bankroll compared to playing professional poker. It is not recommended that you play in games with bankrolls over 5% (or 2%) of your total bankroll. Bankroll management ensures you do not go broke even in the event of great losses


Poker is a mind game that requires you to pay full attention to the game. Most players concentrate only on the hands they play with and not their opponents’ hands. It is important to carefully analyze how your opponents play to increase your chances of winning over them.
Unless you pay attention to how your opponent plays, you may not know their strategy as most poker players are unpredictable. Every hand your opponent plays should teach you something about their tendencies

Read Poker Books

Information is power. As a beginner or someone who would want to become a successful poker player, it Is important to read poker books. These books are written by professional poker players and may help you grasp important strategies for playing poker.


If you are serious about becoming a professional poker player, you could pay a tutor to train you. Not only do they show you how to play, but they also educate you on tricks to win against your opponent.

Take Care of Your Health

This probably doesn’t sound like anything you’d hear in the gambling space. But good health ensures you make sound decisions on the poker table. Getting enough sleep and exercising are top of the list for leading a healthy life. Ensure also that you are hydrated to avoid headaches at the poker table. You should also avoid the abuse of alcohol and drugs, as this is a sure way of ending your poker career.

Expect Bad Beats to Happen

A Bad Beat is when a strong hand loses to a hand that was unlikely to win. However, as much as a pro you are in playing poker, bad beats are bound to happen. Your opponent may have lucky cards and unexpectedly walk away with the pot.

Poker is a game of strategy and skill. So be sure to use any of the discussed winning strategies to increase your winning chances in poker.