Nowadays, you don’t just have to go to the cinema to be able to connect with your favourite franchises. There are so many ways that we can enjoy our favourite stories and get to know them at a much deeper level.

(Image Source: Pixabay)

Source Material

Everything has to come from somewhere. It is actually quite rare to find a massive movie franchise that is completely original. They most often have some form of source material to pull from, especially as this can help to pack out the cinema at release, since fans of the original works will want to see how the adaptation has pulled things off.

If you have entered the fandom through the adaptation, it might be a good idea to take a step back and have a look at the source material. You will often find a much richer story waiting for you, since things inevitably need to be slimmed down for production. Whether it is a novel, a comic, or even a computer game, you might find a whole new world to fall in love with beyond what the movie portrayed.

Other Adaptations

When a movie franchise blows up, there is often an outpouring of related materials. From themed slots to collectors’ items based on iconic props, there is a lot for a fan to dive into. By looking at some of the related material and other adaptations, you could fall in love with some other aspect of the fandom.

There could even be a spin-off for you to explore, with a background character turned protagonist and a whole range of new things to explore. No matter the medium it is in, it could be a fantastic way for you to learn more about both your favourite franchise and some more of the world that it occupies.

Behind the Scenes

Big movie franchises will usually make plenty of records of the behind the scenes processes too, so you should be able to find out more about what went into actually making the films. These could be documentaries that are packaged with the DVDs or released on platforms like YouTube. You could also find recordings of table reads, or concept art and details of other processes that helped bring things to life.

You could even attend conventions and other meetings. Here, you could grab a panel with those that made the franchise. They will be able to talk more about what went into making the franchise, and there might even be the potential for you to ask the panel a question directly.
Though we might first discover it on the silver screen, pop culture for certain big franchises often stretches far beyond it. If you want to know more about your favourite franchise then you need only look! There is bound to be plenty out there that you can look into if you want to connect to your favourite story more, and it could make you love it even more.