The Weekend Shortlist

We’re working on a new formula for the Weekend Shortlist, but it’s still not ready. So to keep you distracted and amused, here are two (longer) shorts well suited for a good weekend!

Enjoy & have a great weekend!

Local Hero

by Steven Andrus

An impatient man finds out he is terminally ill. Rather than wait around to die, he decides to speed up the process. Stan, hires a firm that handles this sort of thing, but not in the typical way. Rather than slipping away forgotten forever, this firm makes sure that you go out with a bang. Not only that, they ensure that you die heroically. Stan can’t know when the firm is going to do it’s dirty work, it’s got to look real. The only problem is Stan’s contact at the firm is involved in a terrible accident before he can make the arrangements, while Stan goes through life believing that every dangerous situation he encounters is his time to be heroic and leave his mark.

Officer Riley

by Norris Carey

MTSU Film Guild presents Chris Boatright in Officer Reily, a short film written and directed by Norris Carey. The film follows a naive cop through his day on the force after he is paired up with a more experienced police officer.