The modern age has made it easier than ever to be a filmmaker. You don’t need to spend much money to make a short film. Some people have even made movies on their phones! The power is really in the people’s hands.
But how can you go about promoting your film? You don’t have the Hollywood budget, and many other indie filmmakers compete to be seen. Here’s how you can promote your film on social media. One way is to buy IG likes on ViralGrowing. Here are some others.

Create a Captivating Movie Trailer and Post It

Many films are promoted through movie trailers. You’ve probably seen a trailer in theaters or through another advertisement method. You may have been excited about the trailer or thought the movie wasn’t for you. That’s the beauty of trailers. They help filmmakers reach their target audience.

The art of making a trailer, however, is quite challenging. You want something well-edited with engaging music. You also want a trailer that will hook your audience immediately. You’ll want the trailer to give people an idea of what your movie is about or intrigue them to learn more about the plot. A trailer that can surprise a viewer without being too spoilery is also a challenge you will face.
Every movie is different, so we could not tell you exactly how your trailer should be. You could watch trailers from movies similar to yours for inspiration. A rule of thumb is to create a trailer that’s around two minutes. Short enough not to overstay its welcome but long enough to put any information
Once you’ve created a trailer, post it on all possible social media outlets. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (X), and other social media websites that accept videos are good options. Consider making a shorter, vertical video version of your trailer for websites like TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Ensure the trailer is available in the highest possible resolution; for example, you may want a 4k upload for YouTube. A low-resolution video may turn some people away from your project.

Create a Social Media Page Exclusively for the Movie

Some people post on their personal Facebook or YouTube channels. This method can be an excellent way to get hype from your friends and family. But to reach an audience beyond those people, you’ll need to create a social media account. This can be a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter (X) account, TikTok account, or other form.

Your page should have all the essential information filled out. In the bio, you’ll want to provide information about the film. The profile picture and cover photo should be your movie’s poster or film logo. The cover photo could include information about the film, such as the release date. Use striking visuals and upload your photos in high resolution.

When creating these social media pages, you should follow the basic promotion rules. These rules include:

Creating Great, Engaging Posts

Your social media page should promote the film. You’ll want to post the trailer, inform people when it’s coming out and where to watch it and update folk about its release. However, if you are only promotional, people will likely unfollow or mute your page.
So, you should create quality content. You may have some intriguing behind-the-scene shots or make engagement bait posts. For example, you may ask your followers to post their favorite films in the comments.
You should update your social media profile consistently. Have a few posts every week to avoid your content falling out of favor in the algorithm. Also, post your content when your audience is the most active. Most social media websites should have analytics to tell you when your audience is the most active. Most sites also can schedule posts. You can schedule posts ahead of time so that you don’t fall behind, and this feature is also convenient if you cannot post when your audience is the most active.

Hashtags and Keywords

Most social media sites use hashtags, and keywords in the caption also help. Common indie hashtags include #indiefilm, #indiefilmmaker, #shortfilm, and others. However, it would help if you also created a couple of unique hashtags for your film, as these hashtags can help promote your film. You may also want to consider more specific hashtags related to genre, shooting location, and other factors. Having more specific hashtags can ensure that your movie doesn’t get buried.

Social Media Contest

You can also run a contest on social media. Keep it simple; for instance, you can have a giveaway where one lucky winner who follows your page and shares your trailer can be eligible for a gift card or free tickets to your movie.

Advertising Works

Finally, it would be best if you used social media advertising. You likely do not have the budget to have your film before a major motion picture, but you can advertise it via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media ads. For instance, you may have your film trailer be a pre-roll ad on YouTube or have your Facebook page be sponsored.

Figure out your advertisement budget and review each site’s ad campaign options carefully. You can likely create an ad campaign that fits your target audience.

Another way you can collaborate is to pay social media influencers to promote your film. Many micro-influencers can afford this and are part of your niche—for example, a smaller YouTuber whose content centers around cinema.

Make a Website

Social media isn’t the only place where you should have a presence. Consider building your own SEO-optimized website. It can be a place where people buy tickets to watch your film or where you host the entire movie.

Final Thoughts

Your film can gain its audience by practicing an excellent social media campaign and being consistent with it. You may be the next filmmaker that transcends the medium. Or, at the very least, you can have a respectable fanbase eager to see what you make next.