The Weekend Shortlist

With the holidays quickly approaching I decided to gather up a few holiday-spirited shorts. But beware, these are not your typical Michael Bublé loving carol type short films. The three shorts all feature a twisted story behind their newly purchased or obtained toys.. And they are not so holiday-spirited!

We wish you the safest last minute shopping, and we this will inspire you to find the perfect gift!


by Ruairi Robinson

You know what you want for Christmas? Be careful what you ask for! Blinky is a short film about a servant robot toy that acts as a companion to children and helps with chores around the house. But as the child sees new, more advanced models he gets bored of Blinky and abuses him with commands, the only problem is that Blinky does everything you tell him!

The CGI robot toys look as real as they can get and make this short film a real glimpse of what the near future can look like. The film stars Max Records from “Where The Wild Things Are“.


by Rodrigo Blaas

Rodrigo Blaas seized the opportunity to direct his first short film, he who has been an experienced animator at Pixar Studios over the last year, brought along with him some of the best artists in the industry. The result is an exquisite looking short film that turns out to be not as innocent as it seems!


by Jason Butler

Ever wonder where your Teddy Bear came from? If your a furry plush lover look away! A cleverly-sad short film shows us where our favorite stuffed animals come from. A little hint.. It’s not China!