The Weekend Shortlist

Express yourself! Back with the Weekend Shortlist and continuing off this week’s theme from featured shorts Method Actor & A Twirling Day: Expressionism.

Our 4 wonderful selections all have something to express, so enjoy and let us know what you think of them!

Have a great weekend!


by Shabnam Piryaei

A powerful film shown in dozens of festivals all over the world directed by Shabnam Piryaei.
We witness the devastating aftermath of war in a film that integrates original music and poetry.

C4 Random Acts: ‘This Way Up’

by Spike Morris & Oscar Hudson

In this elegantly simple film, a dancer’s curiosity gets the better of him after investigating a mysterious cardboard box which transports him far away. Must he go deeper into the wormhole to get home?

Dream Within a Dream

by Renan Ramadan

Don’t worry, this is not another Inception amateur “remake”, but rather a very graphical interpretation of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem A Dream Within A Dream

The short delves into the mind of a man whose sanity frays as he begins to accept the reality of the passing of his loved one, choosing an alternative world as his solace. “Is all that we see or seem — but a dream within a dream?”

Chasing The Polyethylene Dragon

by Rory Pfotenhauer

Chasing the Polyethylene Dragon is about a small group of people that believe humankind has stopped evolving. They believe that there is no limit to their abilities and they are the most complex form of life that has ever existed. A new member is invited to join their circle and they go through the rituals of initiating her.