We’ve been following ornana since even before Film Shortage was online. They are the ones who brought us the explosive animation ‘(Notes On) Biology‘, which was one of the first films featured on our site – and was later picked in the top 10 shorts of 2012. Not long after we featured the trailer to their upcoming first feature film ‘euphonia’, and their second trailer just a few weeks ago. Both greatly composed and effective, teasing trailers.

Euphonia is technically not a short film as it spans over 53 minutes, however as a shorter independent movie and the fact that we love anything ornana does, is something well worth talking about, and sharing to film loving community.

The film, directed by Danny Madden, has all the allures of a short film. With a such a small and simple narrative plot outline, you can stop to wonder how they managed to make a one hour film out of it. The astonishing thing about it, is how it brilliantly only feels like a 15 minute movie, something that I’m not able to say anymore with Hollywood movies these days, which all feel longer than they really are (in a bad way).

Besides a timely satisfaction, euphonia brings quite an incredible and unique experience, breaking the conventional sound barriers of movie making. A gutsy experimental movie that emphasizes like no other on sound, in fact the story revolves around a teenager’s recently purchased portable sound recorder, and the sudden thrill he gets from recording anything around him.

We urge you to take the time to watch this! Put up the volume on your speakers or take out your best headphones, because your in for a real treat.
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