The Weekend Shortlist

It’s already our second week of The Weekend Shortlist and we have for you this weekend 3 more shorts that you will enjoy. We will take you inside some real-life computer animated shorts, and for one, literally inside with a dissection of a previous featured short on Film Shortage.

Enjoy these shorts and have a great weekend!


by Kerry Conran

Gumdrop is a short film created by Kerry Conran, a director with a feature films under his belt, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – 2004. The film is about your average actress coming from Europe looking to make it big in Hollywood, going through an screen test being asked personal questions. Oh, and did I mention she is a robot? I’ll let you enjoy this wonderful experiment by Kerry and the WIGS team, let us know what you think!

Grand Theft Auto: Rise – The VFX Breakdown

by Gevorg Karensky

This short film has been getting a lot of heat online, including on our own This week they released a short Visual Effects Breakdown of the film to show us how the awesome car chase was made in CG… And it was awesome! You can see how much work was put into the film in just a couple of minutes. If you haven’t seen Gevorg Karensky’s film GTA: Rise, make sure to check it out and share it with yours friends!

Rock Bottom

by Bob Lorrimer

And finally a neat little short that pays tribute to the theme of our featured short of the week “The End“. Both films work around suicidal ambitions by the protagonists that don’t quite turn out as planned, they are also both cliché driven, but entertaining nonetheless. Rock Bottom is a little less ambitious project with a tiny budget, a one man team and filmed in a couple of afternoons.

Director’s Commentary