We like to call it Film Shortage 4.0

Film Shortage has been growing for over seven years now, and with its growth we constantly need to adapt our experience to keep up with trends, but also filmmakers. We all love our last version of the site – which was the longest lasting of the previous (over three years). However updates and maintenance becoming more difficult, we decided to take the opportunity to make some important changes that we’ve had in mind for a while.

What's New?

New Look

We've created a fresh new look for Film Shortage while sticking to our core values and structure. Bigger images lets us jump into the films even before they begin! We've also added dynamic and infinite loading on post of our pages for faster navigation.

Designed For Exploration

We’ve heard your suggestions! We put exploration out front with a more accessible searching, but also added some quick filtering so you can catch up on all the Animated films you love. Our exploration will nowhere some greats suggestions through Tags like “Short Short” and “Female Filmmakers“.

Optimal Mobile Experience

We always encourage to watch the films on the biggest screen possible, these filmmakers put an immense amount of effort in cramming the tiniest detail in the film - you wouldn't want to miss it. With this being said, we recognize the reality of today's grab n' go mentality, and can't deny that the quality on these handheld devices is now better than most of our big screens.

Free Trailer Submissions Are Back!

That’s right, trailer submissions are now free! We decided to open the gates on trailers to give more opportunities to get a vision on upcoming films. We still offer a “Premium” option for those who would like to have an express response and additional feedback on the trailer. Submit your trailer now!

Historical Flashback

We are still constantly working on the site, improving on the experience, aesthetics or fixing bugs. Please feel free to contact us if you notice anything broken or would like to suggest anything new.