And finally, after our favorite Drama / Sci-Fi shorts and Experimental / Documentary from our 2016 Daily Short Picks selections, we now bring you the favorite films that will make you crack up.

Fuck Buddies

by Nate Wilson

Online Premiere | Fuck Buddies

36 Questions

by Giancarlo Fiorentini & Jonathan Grimm

36 Questions | Daily Short Picks

Grand Zero

by Kevin Oeser

Grand Zero | Daily Short Picks

Exit Survey

by Thom Harp

Exit Survey | Daily Short Picks

We Keep on Dancing

by Jessica Barclay Lawton

We Keep on Dancing || Daily Short Picks

Mulva Lends a Hand

by Dave Holton & Thom Harp

Mulva Lends a Hand | Daily Short Picks

Dead Hearts

by Stephen W Martin & Alex Glua

Dead Hearts || Daily Short Picks | Halloween Week

Other Half

by Ben West

Otherhalf || Daily Short Picks

Different Times, Man

by Gunner Willis

Different Times, Man || Daily Short Picks

The Man From Death

by Stephen Reedy

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