The Best Picks of The Month highlight our Daily Short Picks that resonated the most with us and our audience. These are the best picks for the month of May 2023.

This month we got four short films that explore the depths of human emotions and experiences. In “Skin & Bone,” Amanda Seyfried portrays a drifter who starts having terrifying visions after accepting a job on a secluded farm, delving into the unsettling nature of her new surroundings. In “The Martyr of Hudson Yards” by Kevin V. Doan, a young Asian American artist in New York City, grapples with sudden anxiety attacks and embarks on a journey within his mind to find his way back to his loved ones. “Mirror Party” features Angela Trimbur and Bridey Elliott as two friends who engage in a role-play breakup conversation, delving into the complexities of relationships and communication. Finally, in “Forever Sleep” by Zac Stracener, Cole Powell, devastated by the loss of his wife and newborn, contemplates ending his life through the Forever Sleep™️ procedure. As his life flashes before him, he faces a crucial choice: continue living or embrace eternal slumber. These films offer a range of introspective and thought-provoking narratives that delve into the human psyche and the resilience of the human spirit.

A friendly reminder to check out all our Featured Shorts this month as well (below) as our exciting YouTube Channel.