The Weekend Shortlist

One would do anything for love, on this Weekend Shortlist we focus on three amazing short films that show us what sacrifices people would go through for the sake of their partners, siblings or children. Three diverse stories that tie up in quality and emotions.

For Patrick

by Jessica Martin

Set in the lush Pacific Northwest, For Patrick follows a young couple as they venture out on their own amidst a global pandemic. Choices are made that affect their journey, and their future. Filmed in Port Townsend, WA, For Patrick utilizes the local landscapes and filmmaking talent.

If you recognize a face in For Patrick, it’s because you have seen the film’s director and actress Jessica Martin in the simply gorgeous short film In The Pines. The directors from In The Pines also contributed to the film, Zeek Earl took care of the cinematography as Chris Caldwell produced the film, Daniel L. K. Caldwell also returned to score the film.

Big Somewhere

by Wil Gieseler

A small story about a big bond, the importance of family and the unspoken bond between siblings.

Having grown up in the middle of nowhere, Elliot walks the fine line between his family and his opportunities elsewhere. His decision to leave home forever is called into question when his little sister chases after him on her bike.


by Christopher Norton

A mother and son. An early morning start. An eagerly anticipated road trip. It’s something they’ve done many times. Each adventure holds its own memories – moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Only, this trip is different. It’s not about making new memories. This time it’s about letting go.

But with such power in the urge to cling to life and to those you love, how do you find the words to say goodbye? Especially when this trip is the last. And time has run out …

a film by Monkey Dribble Films