BAFTA, British Council and Shooting People are back in Glasgow this year with their popular annual event on marketing and distributing your short film: Short Sighted.

Short Sighted on the stage

A perfect continuation and extension of our last article ‘How To Promote Your Film Online‘ where the British Academy of Film and Television Arts will talk about the overall marketing and distribution aspects of your short film.

Sessions will conveniently cover familiar steps from our short Guide, but also much more, such as maximizing your film’s festival run; working with a sales agent; using the web to build an awareness of your work; putting your film online, and working with brands to fund work and reach new audiences. They will also take a look ahead at the future of short film distribution to ask what new platforms, channels and players are emerging and whether there is revenue to be found.

Short Sighted on the stage 2

The sessions will be ran by key short film figures such as Matt Lloyd – Director of Glasgow Short Film Festival, Karen O’Hare – Director of Southside Film Festival, Will Massa – Film Advisor at British Council, Iain Gardner – Animator & Director of McLaren2014 at Centre for the Moving Image, Kate Taylor – Exhibition and Distribution Officer at the ICO, Chris Tidman – CEO at Shorts International, Ciara Barry – Freelance Producer, Andy Green – Chief Operating Officer at Distrify, Nic Wistreich – Editor, co-author of The Film Finance Handbook, Jordan McGarry – Lead Curator at Vimeo, Sarah Chorley – Head of Development and Operations at Shooting People, James Mullighan – Creative Director of Cork Film Festival and BAFTA” target=”_blank”>BAFTA in Scotland winner, Martin Smith. They will also have reps from some of the industry’s top online distribution channels including VODO.

Make sure not to miss this if you are in the Glascow area, tickets are £15 and you can purchase them and get more information here.

Watch Stanley Pickle, an award-winning film from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts that has been featured on Film.Shortage.

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