Contributed by Kim Kramer

Sometimes you want to relax with a film but don’t want to settle in for the long haul, which can leave you with a bit of a dilemma. This is where short films come in as they pack a lot of emotions and a full storyline into as little as a few minutes.

Bear Story (2014)

The short film on everyone’s lips after the Oscars is Bear Story, which is a touching animated tale. The film focuses on an old bear who uses a diorama to tell the story of a bear in captivity. The bear in the model is a circus bear and wants nothing more than to go back to his home, so it’s not for the faint of heart! This was the first Chilean Oscar winner and it really lives up to the hype, for those unsure of overly popular movies. This is a movie that tugs at the heart strings and will leave you feeling that sad but happy emotion that these tearjerkers usually do. The full short is not available yet online, but here is the trailer.

Bingo (1998)

For all the bingo fans out there, ‘bingo’ might just be something that you shout when you win big. For film fans the name Bingo summons to mind one of the best short films ever made that delivers a big message in a short space of time. This film is all about our perceptions of ourselves in the midst of other’s interpretations and how we figure out who is crazy and who sees the world as it is. If you want to brush up on your bingo skills before you dive into this movie then check out the guides on

Feast (2015)

On the subject of animated films, Feast was the 2015 Oscar entry from Disney that managed to tell a love story in 10 minutes. The story follows an abandoned puppy who’s starving outside before a new master shows him what food is all about. The dog learns to love his master and look out for him, even when he sinks into a depression and needs help climbing back out. Disney have a history of making mental illness and depression relatable to kids in subtle ways, such as in Big Hero 6, and the way they do this in Feast is incredibly nuanced.

Pre Vis Action (2016)

Director Gareth Evans is most well-known for his role in the creation of the Raid movies, which are action packed to say the least. He’s managed to translate this down into a smaller film called Pre Vis Action, while retaining everything that makes his films great. This one has a female protagonist entrusted with a treaty between two lords that must be delivered safely and in time. Hot on the heels of this sassy samurai are a hoard of assassins, intent on destroying any chance at peace between the nations. It’s everything you expect from this director and more.

Lights Out (2013)

Few short films ever make it onto the radars of large production companies but Lights Out managed to do exactly that. The mini horror story masters the audience and uses this expertise in a spine tingling way. The critique that most people accustomed to watching feature length films have of short films is that there’s simply not enough time to get engrossed. This film proves every single one of them wrong as it’s safe to say that you’ll be screaming by the time these 120 seconds are over. It has to be one of the most effectual incarnations of the horror genre, made with just two rooms. We won’t tell you how many actors are in it, just to keep you on high alert.