Video streaming services allow individuals worldwide to access video content within just seconds. With so many different platforms, it can quickly become overwhelming. Not to mention, new streaming platforms always come out, adding even more options to our list. While many video streaming companies offer similar content, a few differences make each platform unique.

Which video streaming platforms should you subscribe to? Of course, you can watch only so many shows, movies, and documentaries. Subscribing to too many platforms can leave you with a dent in your monthly budget, without enough time to utilize them to their full advantage. Below, this guide will help explore which streaming platforms are best for your content preferences.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular video streaming services available. While you can subscribe to this platform alone, many people gain access through a combined deal with their Amazon Prime shopping account. This streaming platform allows three users to simultaneously use the account, which may be ideal for those with larger families. The service is accessible from several streaming devices, including Smart TVs, mobile apps, tablets, laptops, or PCs, and through some gaming consoles. This excellent diversity allows you to pick up watching your favorite content no matter where you are.

Who should subscribe to Amazon Prime Video? First and foremost, this streaming platform is ideal for those who enjoy watching educational content. From documentaries about playing poker to in-depth programs about animal species, there’s plenty to watch on Amazon Prime for those who enjoy learning. In addition, this platform is excellent for those who like watching exclusive TV series that cannot be found anywhere else. Amazon is known for its exclusive mini-series and movies.

This streaming platform is also ideal for regular Amazon shoppers. If you already purchase from Amazon regularly, signing up for a Prime membership with Video access is a great deal. Other benefits of the Amazon Prime Video platform include the ability to stream in 4K HDR, offline playback capabilities, and the ability to buy or rent movies that are not included with the monthly subscription.


Hulu is another streaming platform that offers exclusive content. Unlike other streaming platforms, subscribers of Hulu’s cheapest option will have to watch Ads during TV shows and movies. For some users, this can be frustrating and distract from the enjoyment of their viewing. Subscribers have the option to upgrade to a more expensive plan which allows them to watch shows without advertisements.

A standard Hulu account only allows two devices to stream at once, which is less than Amazon Prime Video’s allowance. However, Hulu is an excellent platform for those who enjoy streaming movies, as they have a massive selection of all genres.

Another thing that sets Hulu apart from other streaming platforms is the ability to stream episodes of currently airing shows shortly after airing. Usually, you’ll find content uploaded the next day after it has aired on Live TV. With a wide selection of content in all genres, Hulu appeals to many viewers with many different content preferences.


One of the most well-known streaming platforms is Netflix. This platform is ideal for those who like to watch a mixture of older classics and newer content. Netflix allows only one device to stream at a time with the basic plan. If you want more access from multiple devices, you’ll need to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Netflix has many advantages, including its massive collection of high-quality content and Netflix Originals. However, one drawback of this streaming platform is that the company often needs to take down content to replace it with newer content. This means you’ll have to watch your desired content quickly, or you may miss the chance to stream it. Some users were upset that their show was taken down from the platform before they finished it.

The price of Netflix has gradually risen over the years, with the current rate of over $15 per month for two-screen access. This makes the price higher than many competitors.

Final Thoughts: Which to Subscribe To

When it comes down to choosing between Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix, the choice is not cut-and-dry. However, the choice comes down to your personal preferences, streaming devices, and the number of screens required at one given time. Furthermore, shoppers should consider if specific shows are available on a platform that is of interest.

If you can’t decide which streaming platforms to subscribe to, consider sharing a plan with someone in your household. You’ll need to make sure the plan you select includes the ability to have more than one screen at once, but this will help you save money as compared to signing up for accounts individually.